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Register for our Summit, A Sacred Basket: The Weaving of Identity, Community, Place, Roots, & Justice
“Identity isn’t simply a self-contained unit. It is a relationship between people and history, people and communities, people and institutions.” Kimberlé Crenshaw *


Thank you for your interest in participating at the May 15th virtual summit.* Our goal is to bring together student, faculty and staff communities across campus to critically reflect and to explore the concept and lived experience of intersectionality, centering on the perspective of communities who have historically been marginalized or ignored. Some planned workshops are Food As Medicine, Environmental Racism, Indigeneity and Identity within Urban Landscapes, and Healing justice.

The summit will be an experimental/ experiential academic and personal space to complicate and (re)frame our understanding of identity and intersectionality. We will center the discussion of identity in indigenous epistemologies, oral history/storytelling, art and a connection to the land, ancestors, and the organic universe outside the western narrative.

VISION: Intersectionality, as defined by Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw, calls us to fully examine and explore knowledge of ourselves and the history of our peoples in order to understand and be aware of who we are and what our place is in the world. It further invites us to create with our personal and community power and pedagogies, meanings and experiments rooted in community knowledge and understanding. This has profound implications for both peoples of color and other underrepresented communities, as well as white people and other privileged communities.

In collaboration, the Common Ground Center, Kresge College, the Intersectionality Laboratory (I-Lab), Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), Student Diversity and Inclusion Program (SDIP) , Colleges 9&10, Oakes College, and the Cantu Center are holding a virtual summit to focus on intersectionality of identities, communities, land, environment, technology, and indigenous epistemologies.

The summit will include keynote speakers/performers, student and staff led workshops, as well as a poster session for students to share research and artwork.

If you have questions please email NormaAlicia at or Paloma at

Many thanks <3

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