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ACT Prep. 40 Hours Class by Rocketcity Learning Center Registration form (2019-20)
Designed for High School Juniors and Seniors; Total of 40 hours of preparation; Includes Math & Grammar Review; Books Included. Student should have finished Algebra 2. Perfect for students who have scored between 22 and 28.
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Did you sign up for the ACT on official ACT, we are not responsible to sign you up for the Real ACT test.
40 hours of prep. Class Information and Policies
What is included in the course: 40 hours of group instruction, a textbook with 6 tests, a textbook with a full review of grammar and math, an overview of all 4 sections, a full review of grammar and Math concepts, strategies for each section, guided and timed practice in the class. A full timed test will be given on the last day of the class to show the progress. Homework is mandatory.

NO MAKEUP CLASSES. We recommend not to miss any classes. However, any missed classwork and homework will be provided upon request.

Fee once paid, cannot be refunded.

The success of the program depends on each student’s willingness to fully participate. Including classwork and homework completion. It is strongly suggested that students are present for the entirety of each class.

Note: We are not responsible to sign you up for the Real ACT test.

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