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CCPA Leadership Nomination + Volunteer Form
This form a general nomination form for any volunteer, appointed, or elected position affiliated with CCPA.

All candidates interested in an appointed position must currently be or become a member of CCPA.

Appointed positions are generally project based (for example, you have a specific program you'd like to implement within CCPA). Appointed positions are part of the CCPA leadership and have the same expectations of participation. Some anticipated project needs:

Reaching out to graduate students and graduate prep programs
Serving on the professional development steering committee
Coordinating the CCPA social in ACPA 2019
Serving as the Awards chair
Serving as a proposed Director of Membership

If there are any questions regarding volunteering, appointments, or elections, please contact us at If you are interested in getting involved but perhaps not for one of the elected positions, we do have several appointed positions open that will largely work with institutions in their region to drive CCPA involvement!

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The president-elect shall be responsible for:
Collaborating with the president to coordinate the business of the Association.
Developing the slate of candidates for appointed Leadership Team positions and appointing members to all
Appointed positions will fluctuate and change with the needs of the organization ad-hoc committees will be established to serve the needs of the organization
Disseminating meeting agendas and minutes to members in a timely manner.
Keeping all written records of the Association.
Overseeing logistics of CCPA’s participation at annual convention.
Managing financial aspects and record keeping of the organization.
Preparing and distributing to the Leadership Team a monthly summary of committee activities.
Presiding over the Leadership Team in the absence of the president. Absence of the president shall be defined as:
The president’s inability to preside
The president’s absence for longer than fifteen minutes after the time the meeting is supposed to begin, as stated on the agenda for that day.
The president’s relinquishing of duty during a meeting
The forced relinquishment of the president by two-thirds of the membership.
Participating in monthly teleconference or in-person Leadership Team meetings.
Other duties as deemed necessary by the President.
Updating the Leadership Team monthly on the CCPA membership count.
Recording minutes at all Leadership Team meetings.
Sending email reminders and meeting agenda prepared by the President to the Leadership Team at least one week prior to the general membership meetings.
Attending the ACPA Summer Leadership Institute and Annual Convention.

Director of Professional Development:

The Director of Professional Development shall be responsible for:
Overseeing the educational and professional development endeavors for the membership.
Chairing the professional development committee.
Setting an annual theme for development and ensuring that this theme is incorporated into workshops offered at different locations throughout the state as well as at the annual meeting.
Coordinating state-sponsored programs and awards at ACPA Annual Convention.
Participating in monthly teleconference or in-person Leadership Team meetings.
Other duties as deemed necessary by the President.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications shall be responsible for:
Maintaining oversight of information dissemination within the Association.
Chairing the communications and marketing committee to manage social media and the website.
Promoting the use of technology as a means of communication and networking within the Association, i.e.,
Monthly CCPA e-newsletter.
Driving membership recruitment and retention efforts.
Participating in monthly teleconference or in-person Leadership Team meetings
Other duties as deemed necessary by the President.

The Awards Coordinator will serve as primary contact for the CCPA for state chapter awards and collaborate with ACPA in speaker grants, professional recognition, and announcing awards.
Represent graduate students in student services, student affairs, and counseling based programs (or related field). Attend/participate in CCPA leadership meetings where they act as liaisons between graduate students and CCPA leadership, communicating the professional development needs of the graduate students to CCPA leadership.
Help coordinate a drive-in / event in your region and bring together colleagues regionally for a half-day/two hour event/program.
Which APPOINTED position are you seeking?
Which ELECTED position are you seeking nomination for?
Who are you nominating/recommending [optional]? Please provide a full name.
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Candidate/Nominee Bio Statement
Provide a short bio in 200 words or less. Please share your or nominee's journey into the field of higher education. This will be included on the leadership team webpage if you or the nominee are appointed.
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Candidate/Nominee Statement
Please provide a candidate or nominee statement in 500 words or less. If you are self-nominating, you may include your vision and why you are interested in running for this position. If you are nominating a friend/colleague, please provide a brief description why you believe they should be appointed and could be a positive contributor to the CCPA leadership team.
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