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Bully Prevention Post Test
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1. Aggression is a guranteed way to get attention. *
2. We have to let go of the idea of good kids, because if there are good kids, then there are also bad kids. *
3. Which of the different types of aggression occur when you step on someone and did not mean to? *
4. Transforming aggressive behavior requires patience, being calm, and persistence. *
5. A hurtful child is *
6. Children who have hostile aggression are perceiving or experiencing excessive pain. *
7. Children need *
8. Five minutes of focused play each day with children ages 5 and under reduces power struggles by *
9. When it comes to disciplining children, providing help comes with three components: structure, nurture, and prescence. *
10. Hostile children need inconsistant and unpredictable schedules. *
11. Which one of the following best describes your position? *
12. Which best describes the age groups you work with? *
13. My highest level of education is: *
14. I am currently employed by the follwoing: *
15. I am currently working as:
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