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Starbase Survey
This survey is meant to gauge the interest and the hardware setups of the Starbase community. We want to make as great a game for you as possible, and answering any of the questions helps us devs out a lot!

This questionnaire is divided into 3 sections: your thoughts on Starbase, your hardware, and additional feedback.
In addition, there's two more sections about getting involved: If you wish, you can enter your personal data at the bottom to sign up for Starbase news, and to be considered for the Closed Alpha of Starbase.

Thank you for your time and help! Let's make Starbase as awesome as it can be, together!

How do you usually play games?
Have you played other space-themed games? Choose all that apply.
Have you played any other massively multiplayer online games? Choose all that apply.
How did you hear about Starbase?
What are you looking for in Starbase? Choose all that apply.
What are your plans with mining asteroids? Choose all that apply.
What is your plan with your first ship?
Do you plan to design ships?
Are you interested in PvP? Choose all options that apply.
What's your take on a sandbox mode?
At what stage do you expect the game to be at Early Access launch? Choose all that apply.
How do you feel about in-game cosmetic items?
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