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Registration form: Special seminar/webinar - Learning Disabilities and Test Accommodations
Date and Time: Thursday, 21 February 2019, 15:30 - 17:00hrs (Bangkok time, GMT+7)
Venue: UNESCO Bangkok Office (5th floor)

This seminar will be held at UNESCO Bangkok and will also be livestreamed via Skype for Business, which is a free application for download through your email invitation. We will send you an email invitation with an instruction on how to join the webinar as well as how to install Skype for Business (if you do not have the app) one day prior to the webinar.

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Ensuring inclusion and equity for all is a core of Education 2030 agenda. A large number of children from marginalized or disadvantaged groups including those with special needs, are still lagging behind in terms of access to a provision of quality education. According to UNESCO’s paper on “The Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities” in 2015, approximately 62 million children at primary school age around the world are living with some form of disabilities and 186 million children with disabilities have not completed primary school education.

In particular, learning disabilities could be one of the most common and often seriously neglected form of childhood disabilities. However, there is limited information and data on children with learning disabilities and it he impact on learning outcomes and many countries in the region face various challenges in responding to the needs of these children.

The seminar will shed light on this topic and discuss key issues and challenges as well as share innovative practices in this area. The first part of the seminar will provide a general background information on definition, typology and diagnosis of different types of learning disabilities (LD) including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Specific Language Impairments (SLI). Cognitive impairments highly associated with the learning process such as Attention Deficiency Disorder, Executive Functions, Speed of Processing and Memory and Perception, will be also discussed.

It will then be followed by a presentation that will focus on the provision of test accommodations for children with learning disabilities. In particular, it will address issues including typology of test accommodations, the psychometric rationale for the provision of test accommodations, and general principles and guidelines for determining the appropriate accommodations. Finally, it will touch upon research findings regarding the validity of test accommodations and related effects.

Seminar/webinar agenda (tentative):
1. Opening remarks from UNESCO Bangkok and introduction to the seminar/webinar (5 min)
2. Opening remarks from IAEA (5 min)
3. Presentation on “Issues in diagnosing learning disability and the provision of test accommodations” (50 min)
4. Q&A (30 min)

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