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Branding Brief Sheet
This worksheet gives us overall idea of your requirement that helps us to bring an exclusive idea or design for your company. If there are any questions that you feel not relevant to this project, please skip them. Kindly ping me on WHATSAPP once you have submitted the response.
Who you are? What is your Business Name or Service Name to be incorporated in the logo? Do you have a slogan to use?
What is your target audience? Demographics that you are targeting?
Who are your competitors? Name some and write their website URL
Values to convey? What values you want to convey with your logo?
Application? Where your logo will be applied? (only web, web and prints)
Logo Style? What is the logo style you desire?
Clear selection
Do you have any specific image, icons or logo, that you wish or do not wish to be in your logo ? ( if yes please share image ) :
Constraints? Specific colors, shapes, initials, uppercase, lowercase, etc.
Additional Information. Say what you want, any desire, idea, request regarding the project.
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