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BrantSteele Survivor Survey
Throughout the remainder of 2017, the current BrantSteele Survivor simulators will be moved from to This will help to resolve the current bugs and provide more detail and accuracy for these seasons. Once there, these seasons will use the current template and settings that Survivor 33 (Millennials vs. Gen X simulator) uses. This survey is your chance to provide feedback on what you like and don't like about the Survivor 33 simulator before more Survivor seasons look this way.

Additionally, an Advanced Template for Survivor is coming that will be similar to the Big Brother Advanced/Future Template. This bottom of the survey is to collect information on what you want to see included.

Only question 1 is required.

1. Which type of Survivor simulator season do you prefer?
2. Overall, how would you rate the simulators for the first 32 seasons of Survivor?
3. Overall, how would you rate the simulator Survivor 33 (Millennials vs. Gen X)?
4. What percentage of the time would you use a simulation option where the Status pages would be removed, but logic would still be incorporated into decision making?
0%. I like the Status page.
100%. I don't care for the Status pages.
5. On Survivor 33, do you like how the information on the Status pages are hidden behind buttons?
6. On Survivor 33, do you like the Relationship Highlights feature?
7. On Survivor 33, how many events each round would you prefer to see?
8. Which type of auto-alliance generation do you prefer?
9. On Survivor 33, do you like seeing the Targets listed before tribal council?
10. On Survivor 33, do you like how tribal council counts the number of votes for a castaway as each one is displayed?
11. Do you use to see the option to change alliances and relationships each episode in the simulators for Survivor 1-32?
12. On Survivor 33, do you like seeing the News on the right side of the page? (the bottom left on mobile view)
13. Besides what was listed above, how else can the structure of the Survivor 33 simulator be improved to match what you enjoy about the simulators for the Survivor 1-32?
Your answer
14. In the Survivor Advanced Template, how much do you want to see interactive simulation - where you can make decisions as one of the castaways?
Not at all
More than anything
15. What are the maximum number of tribes and players you would use in a simulation?
Your answer
16. The Survivor Advanced Template should be released in 2017. What is the latest possible date for a release that you think would be reasonable?
17. If you have used the Big Brother Advanced/Future Template, what are some areas of weakness that you would like to see improved for Survivor?
Your answer
19. Is there anything else you can think of to add for Survivor (the regular seasons or the template) that wasn't already asked on the survey?
Your answer
20. What is your name or username? (Optional) You can also include your email address if you want to be contacted for follow-up.
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21. (NEW QUESTION) In Survivor 33, do you like the possibility of players quitting in a season?
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