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L.A. Louver Reproduction Request Form
L.A. Louver is happy to facilitate any image request for artists we have represented free of charge. We kindly ask that you fill out the following form to initiate the permissions process which can take anywhere from one to five weeks depending on the parties that are involved and the availability of the image(s) in question.
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Please briefly describe the book, publication or article, its purpose, intended audience, and why this image is required *
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The photograph may not be cropped, guttered, toned, typed-over, bled or altered in any fashion other than the one intended and outlined in the contract. The photograph may not be used in any commercial manner. The photograph may not appear in any electronic media, or be distributed on the Internet.
Permission granted is for one-time usage *
The image is only to be used as outlined in the contract. Any other usage, including but not limited to new editions of this title, expanded language and world rights, advertising campaigns, video reproductions, etc., must be negotiated and approved separately on a case-by-case basis. The reproduction credit must read as noted in the email you shall receive granting permission.
In lieu of payment *
We request at least two copies of the book/publication in which the image appears be sent to L.A. Louver Gallery (45 North Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291) after publication. We will provide one copy for the artist and retain one copy for L.A. Louver's archive.
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