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Phone Number
Marital Status
What are your goals in working with a coach?
What are your short- midterm goals in sport?
What are your long-term goals?
Do you have any races planned? If so, which ones and when?
Current Fitness
Tell me about your run training (how many miles per week, what is your normal training pace, etc.)
Tell me about your cycling training (number of hours or miles, how structured, any type of formal data gathered)
Tell me about your swim training (background, how often you swim, and training paces if known)
Do you track your workouts using a training log? If so, which one?
What would you consider your best race results in each discipline, if applicable, and why?
Do you use a HR monitor, GPS, or power meter? Please describe.
Are you currently on a restricted diet? Please describe.
Do you generally eat before you exercise? If so, what?
Do you generally eat during exercise? If so, what?
Do you generally eat after exercise? If so, what?
What does your schedule look like in terms of available time to train?
How many hours per week do you currently train?
Do you travel for work?
Health History
Current Medical Conditions
Prescription Medications Taken
Sports or Training Related Injuries in the Past
Additional Health Concerns that could impact training
Other Questions
What motivates you to train and race?
Is there a particular Energy Lab coach you would be interested in speaking with first?
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Would you prefer a female or male Coach?
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Anything else we should know?
How did you hear about Energy Lab Coaching (so we can thank referrals) *
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