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Accessibility Compliance 101
This is 2nd year running, that TiE Delhi- NCR is making a conscious effort to be
disability inclusive. Do take a few minutes to support us by answering
the following questions.
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Are you aware that The Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, makes it mandatory for all organisations to ensure in a time bound manner that their environments - physical and digital- are accessible? *
Please prioritise in which order, would you consider, the following steps to make your organisation disability inclusive?(1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest) *
Improve physical accessibility of your offices, outlets etc
Improve digital accessibility (apps, websites)Engage with Persons with Disabilities to understand challenges in
Hire Persons with Disabilities as staff
Offer internships to Persons with Disabilities
Engage with persons with disabilities to understand challenges in using your products/ services
Make concrete efforts to include Persons with Disabilities as customers
Encourage your staff to volunteer with disability inclusion activities
Take sectoral leadership to include Persons with Disabilities as customers and employees
Would you like to know how to become more disability inclusive and improve accessibility ? *
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