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Community Service Monthly Form (November)
PSA: This is the link that you should use to submit this form every month. We will clear record the responses at the deadline and clear the form, so everyone can reuse it monthly.

Club presidents: please fill out this form accordingly. Community service documentation is required in order for your club to remain on campus; if you fail to submit this form, it will count as a strike towards club suspension. If you have any question or concerns feel free to email:

Kasey Ainslie , Ashley Herrera , Ambria Jensen , Emma Perkins
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How many meetings have you held this month? *
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What community service has your club participated in? *
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How many hours of community service have your club members engaged in during this month? *
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If you have not already, club presidents please sign up for the remind:
Text to 81010 @98gaa2
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