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Vestry Nomination Form
Please read the following before making your nomination:

There are 2 positions to be filled for 2019.

Nominees for Vestry are to meet several standards of church leadership. They are to be a member of Holy Comforter, confirmed communicants in good standing and must be at least 18 years of age. They are to have demonstrated leadership in this parish through regular worship, as well as by exercising their individual ministries in the church and the world. They should have a heart for God and the people of God and show their devotion to Our Lord through work, pray and giving for the good of God’s kingdom.

Vestry members will bear heavy responsibilities and face substantial challenges in their three-year terms. Regular attendance at Vestry meetings, retreats and other events is expected, in addition to regular attendance at worship, as well as being the Vestry liaison to various commissions.

Before making your nomination, contact your nominee and ascertain that he or she meet these qualifications and is willing to serve. Submit a brief statement and photograph for publication describing the nominee and his/her involvement in the church and community.

Vestry members continuing in office:

Thomas Saunders and Mallory Halterman (Class of 2020)
Steven Hahn and Tab Carter (Class of 2021)

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