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Nomination Form to The Youth Forum On The Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, Dublin, 13-17 November 2017
With the continued believe on the role of youth and their leadership, the world Health Organization, Health Workforce department, On November 14th, will host young enthusiasts from all over the world, giving them the chance to meet, to build a network of change agents that will generate ideas to explore best practices in healthcare. The Youth Forum wants to set the stage to encourage future collaborations and facilitate the networking between youth leaders from different backgrounds. The event seeks to target youth from various health professions and from outside the health sector to foster innovative solutions to Health Workforce Challenges.

With your registration you are registering to a full week of activities including the Pre-Forum, The Youth Forum as well as the whole activities of The Fourth Global Forum on Human resources for Health. In the favorable occasion of your acceptance you are going to represent the voice of youth in the high level discussions as well as the plenaries and various sessions of the Forum.

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