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ESC 2 Equipment Checkout 2018-19
Please use this form for checkout of all ESC-2 technology equipment. You will need to fill out a form for each day of checkout. There is a $50.00 per day charge that will be invoiced to your department. There is a $25.00 additional charge for checkouts made 24 hours before the event.
If you are needing equipment for multiple days you will need to fill out a for a request form for each day. Otherwise someone else may check them out.
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**IMPORTANT** Please enter any special instructions below. If iPads are requested, please enter the number of iPads and names of any APPS requested. **APPS that need to be downloaded require at least one weeks notice**
Please be specific. If iPads are not needed please put N/A in the box. *
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Check out/Check in Procedures:

*Please give at least one week notice on requests.
*Videoconference Equipment will be delivered, set up and configured.
*iPads, Laptops and SMART Board will be delivered to the room. If set up is needed, an additional fee may apply.
*$50.00 per day charge will be invoiced to your department. A late fee will apply if requests are made with in 24 hr period.
Check In:
*Video conference Equipment will be taken apart and removed from the room. You do not need to do any removal.
*iPads, Laptops and SMART Borad: Please make sure that all equipment is placed back in the numbered compartment of the corresponding cart. ESC-2 staff will return the cart back to its designated storage area. Any equipment left in disorder will incur an additional fee.

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