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Petition for Faculty at Linfield College
David C. Baca
Chair, Board of Trustees
Linfield College
McMinnville, OR 97128

We, the undersigned faculty from across the nation, write to express our outrage and disappointment over the threats to terminate faculty positions at Linfield College by President Miles Davis.

On 7 December 2018 President Davis declared that 20-25 faculty positions would be terminated by December 15, 2018 in order to reduce the college's budget deficit by $2.7-2.8 million. The college has a healthy endowment and the President has not provided any information whatsoever as to why these cuts are necessary. As such Linfield's administration has violated the core concept of faculty governance and has opened itself to censure. Besides violating professional ethics, this is a clear abrogation of a President’s duty as a fiduciary of the college. AAUP's "The Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities” says that, for effective planning, 'the broadest possible exchange of information and opinion should be the rule for communicating among the components of a college” and “the faculty should be fully informed on all budgetary matters.” Instead of such consultation with faculty, President Davis presented them with a fait accompli.

Faculty were asked two questions that, should they accept them, would effectively deprive faculty their own rights:

1. Do the faculty want to participate in choosing the 20-25 positions to be eliminated?
2. Do the faculty want an extension on helping make these decisions until January?

The above questions, if enacted, violate the Faculty Handbook and AAUP guidelines that are provided in the appendix of the handbook. The Faculty Handbook does not view termination of faculty appointments (tenure track or tenured) to be appropriate for financial reasons without officially declaring financial exigency. Financial exigency must be “demonstrably bona fide” (based on AAUP’s Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure 4C). The college adheres to AAUP’s guidelines on tenure as refereed to in the AAUP guidelines on “Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure” (which is listed in the appendix of the Faculty Handbook) clearly stating that, “The only conditions under which untenured and tenured faculty can be terminated outside of financial exigency are (a) adequate cause, (b) retirement by choice or for medical disability, (c) reduction in staff of a department because of financial exigency, or (d) discontinuance of a program or department.” Decisions to discontinue academic programs will be made by the Faculty Assembly (via recommendations from the Curriculum Committee).

The Faculty Executive Committee stood by the handbook and refused to violate any policies. In the absence of co-operation from faculty to populate any committee to terminate their own colleagues, faculty have been told that those decisions on terminations will be made unilaterally by the administration.

In a follow-up open Cabinet meeting on 12 December 2018, President Davis publicly stated, “We are not bound by any of those guidelines. What we are bound by is the ability to help our institution move forward. They are guidelines. They are not law. They are not enforceable upon the Board of Trustees.”

These threats by administration to terminate 20-25 faculty at all ranks without following the handbook are egregious and reckless violations and serious threats to shared faculty governance and principles of tenure and academic freedom as outlined in both the College’s handbook and recommended AAUP guidelines on “Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure.” At a time of more and more corporatization of colleges and universities and an increased push by administrations to hire more and more contingent and contract labor, such terminations constitute a deliberate move to weaken the tenure system by threatening the principles that tenure shares with academic freedom.

We, the faculty around the country, stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Linfield College and strongly condemn any faculty terminations that will violate the faculty handbook and the principles of shared governance and threaten tenure and academic freedom.

We, the faculty from various institutions, also strongly condemn these egregious violations and threats that have been given to our colleagues at Linfield College and ask that Linfield’s Board of Trustees ask President Miles Davis to step down from his position as the President of the college. Such disrespect to the process of shared governance and principles and tenure and academic freedom that are fundamental to academia cannot and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.


David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford University
Robert Warrior, Hall Professor of American Literature and Culture, University of Kansas
Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Professor of Women's Studies Southern Connecticut State University
Johnny E. Williams, Professor, Trinity College
Pranav Jani, Associate Professor of English, The Ohio State University
Cynthia Leenerts, Associate Professor of English, East Stroudsburg University
Nalini Iyer, Professor, English, Seattle University
Pamela Rader, Professor, English, Georgian Court University
Priya Jha, Professor and Chair, English, University of Redlands
Rebecca Hensley, Instructor of Sociology, Southeastern Louisiana University
Kiese Laymon, Professor of English, University of Mississippi
Jessica Haussman, Associate Professor of English, Georgian Court University
Patti Duncan, Associate Professor of WGS, Oregon State University
Maurice L. Wade, Professor, Trinity College
Claire Gallagher, Professor of Education, Georgian Court University
Utz McKnight, Professor of Political Science, University of Alabama
Lopamudra Basu, Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Anneeth Kaur Hundle, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of California Merced
Kathleen DeVore English Faculty, Minneapolis College
David Sigler, Associate Professor of English, University of Calgary
Inderpal Grewal, Yale University
Ted Thornhill, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Florida Gulf Coast University
Neha Vora, Associate Professor, Lafayette College
Dana Cloud, Professor, Syracuse University
Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Manhattanville College
Bill V. Mullen, Professor, Purdue University
Dana LeMay, Tenured Faculty, English, Century College of Minnesota State
James Roane, Assistant Professor of WGSS, university of Cincinnati
Cynthia Wu, Associate Professor of Gender Studies, Indiana University
Melinda Luisa de Jesus, Associate Professor of Diversity Studies, California College of the Arts
Melissa Weiner, Associate Professor, Sociology, College of the Holy Cross
Jesse P. Turner Literacy, Elementary, Early Childhood Central, Connecticut State University
Lisa Rofel, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor, Anthropology Department, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jason M. Williams, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies, Montclair State University
Nancy Gallagher, Professor Emerita, History, UCSB
Ervin Malakaj, Assistant Professor of German Studies, University of British Columbia
Paul Buchholz, Assistant Professor of German Studies, Emory University
Glenn Levine, Professor of German, University of California, Irvine
Bridget Swanson, Assistant Professor of German, University of Vermont
Mohamed Esa, Professor of World Languages at McDaniel College, MD
Katherine Skow, Professor, Modern Languages, The Citadel
Paul Dobryden, Assistant Professor of German, University of Virginia
Chris Newfield, Professor of English. UC Santa Barbara
Regine Criser, Assistant Professor of German Studies, University of North Carolina Asheville
Evan Torner, Assistant Professor of German Studies, University of Cincinnati
Addie Tsai, Professor of English, Houston Community College
Vanessa Plumly, SUNY New Paltz
Simona Sharoni, Professor Women’s and Gender Studies, Merrimack College
Brett Sterling, Assistant Professor of German, University of Arkansas
Cynthia Franklin, Professor, English Dept., University of Hawaii
Tamara C. Ho, Associate Professsor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, UC Riverside
Takeo Rivera, Assistant Professor of English, Boston University
Amanda Gailey, Associate Professor of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kit Myers, Assistant Professor, History & Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, University of California, Merced
Rosalyn Amenta, Women’s Programs, Southern Connecticut State University
Dorothy Kim, Assistant Professor of English, Brandeis University
Matthew Raffety, Professor of History, University of Redlands
Jessica A. Krug, Associate Professor of History, George Washington University
Adam Miyashiro, Assistant Professor, Literature, Stockton University
Ross Pudaloff, Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Wayne State University
Heidi Lockwood, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University
Michelle Farber, CNM ARNP, Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Washington
Mark Padoongpatt, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Heather Blatt, Associate Professor, Florida International University
Virginia Metaxas, Professor Emerita of History, Sourhern Connecticut State University
Brenna Byrd, Assistant Professor, MCLLC, University of Kentucky
Nahir I. Otano Gracia, Assistant Prifessor of English, Beloit College
S.C. Kaplan, Lecturer of French, CLIC, Rice University
James V. Spickard, Professor of Sociology, University of Redlands
Koritha Mitchell, Associate Professor of English, Ohio State University
Nagesh Rao, Lecturer, University Studies, Colgate University
Susan Nakley, Associate Professor of English, St. Joseph’s College, NY
Emily Yen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Urban Global Studies, Trinity College
Katie Anania, Assistant Professor of Art History, Georgia College
Mark Stater, Associate Professor of Economics, Trinity College (CT)
Mitzi Kirkland-Ives, Art and Design, Missouriu State University (and Linfield alumna)
Roy Kamada, Associate Professor of Literature, Emerson College
Jen Boyle, Professor English/Digital Culture, Coastal Carolina University
Corey Byrnes, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Dr Jeffrey E. Jackson, Associate Professor of English, Monmouth University (Linfield alumni)
Kim Cameron-Dominguez, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Lewis & Clark College
Dawn Tawwater, Professor of Sociology, Austin Community College & Park University
Adam Miyashiro, Assistant Professor of Literature, Stockton University
Natalie Boero, Professor of Sociology San Jose State University, Linfield College Alumna
Isaac Kamola, Assistant Professor, Trinity College
Nicole Lopez-Jantzen, Assistant Professor of History, CUNY - Borough of Manhattan, CC
Janine Larmon Peterson, Associate Professor of History, Marist College
Aparajita De, Asst. Prof. Univ. Of the District of Columbia
Rabab Abdulhadi, Director and Senior Scholar, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, San Francisco State University
Matthew Calihman, Associate Professor, Missouri State University
Priya Kandaswamy, Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Mills College
Laurie Finke, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies,Kenyon College
Alison Baker, Professor of English, Cal Poly Pomona
Somy Kim, Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
Theresa Flanigan, Professor of Art History, The College of Saint Rose
Maria Vendetti, Assistant Professor of French, St Olaf College
Diane Fruchtman, Assistant Professor of Religion, Rutgers University
Erika Boeckeler, Associate Professor, Northeastern University
Natalie Boero, Professor of Sociology, San Jose State University. Linfield College Alumna
Amy Foerster, Associate Professor of Sociology, Pace University
Frank T Fitzgerald, Professor of Sociology, College of Saint Rose
Giancarlo Cornejo, Lecturer of Gender Studies, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Ellen Foster, Professor of English, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Lei Lani Stelle, Professor of Biology, University of Redlands
Nadine Finigan-Carr, Research Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Garrett Hongo, Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing, University of Oregon
Paul A. Lorion. Art Teacher. Pioneer High School, Carson City NV Alumna
Ray Dademo, Instructor, Middlesex County College
Robert Entenmann, Professor Emeritus of History and Asian Studies, St. Olaf College
Carolyn Steglich, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Slippery Rock University
Corey Dzenko, Assistant Professor of Art History, Monmouth University
Gabriel Cooper, Assistant Professor of German, Oberlin College
Edmond Y. Chang, Assistant Professor of English, Ohio University
Dennis Kortheuer, Lecturer, History, Cal State Long Beach
Julie Webber, Professor, Illinois State University
Monica H. Green, Professor of History, Arizona State University
Kristina Richardson, Associate Professor of History, Queens College CUNY
Dr. Billie Follensbee, Art & Design, Missouri State University
Kathryn Gerry, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History, Bowdoin College
Rosalyn Davis, Clinical Assistant Professor, Indiana University Kokomo
Brenda J Buck, Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Erik Vogt, Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College
Sara Grewal, Assistant Professor of English, MacEwan University
Stephanie Costa, Instructor, Humanities & Sciences, Cornish College of the Arts
Susan Phillips, English, Northwestern University
Joshua Gunn, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Sherrie Gradin, Professor of English
Paige Mann, Assistant Librarian, Library, University of Redlands
Tina Gross, Associate Professor, St. Cloud State University
Qwo-Li Driskill, Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University
Ron Mize, Associate Professor Of Language, Culture, & Society, Oregon State University
Ashwin J. Manthripragada, Assistant Professor of German Area Studies and Media & Society, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Eric Klaus, Associate Professor of German, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Christine Kooi, Professor of History, Louisiana State University
Kurt Beals, Assistant Professor of German, Washington University in St. Louis
Piya Chatterjee, Professor, FGSS, scripps college
Gail B. Sherman, Professor, English and Humanities, Reed
Barbara Murray, Professor of Chemistry, University of Redlands
Robin Nelson, Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology, Santa Clara University
Marie-Therese C. Sulit, Associate Professor of English, Mount Saint Mary College
Jennifer James, Associate Professor of English, The George Washington University
Brittany Y. Davis, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Black Studies, Allegheny College
Jessica Pabón, Assistant Professor WGSS, SUNY New Paltz
Diana Pan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College - CUNY
Robert Myers, Professor of Anthropology, Alfred University
Nicole Carr, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M San Antonio
Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, Assistant Professor of Italian, University of Arkansas
Michael Phillips-Anderson, Associate Professor of Communication, Monmouth University
Leslie Rogne Schumacher, David H Burton Fellow & Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph's University
Sharon A. Suh, Professor of Buddhism, Seattle University
Jennifer Hughes, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of California, Riverside
Elliott Young, Professor of History, Lewis & Clark College
Bruce Podobnik, Associate Professor of Sociology, Lewis & Clark College
Pauls Toutonghi, Associate Professor, Lewis & Clark College
Therese Augst, Associate Professor of German, Lewis & Clark College
Anoop Mirpuri, Associate Professor, Department of English, Portland State University
Mohamed Anber, Assistant Professor of Physics, Lewis & Clark College
Mónica DeHart, Professor of Anthropology, University of Puget Sound
Katja Altpeter-Jones, Associate Professor of German, Lewis & Clark College
Isabelle C. DeMarte, Associate Professor of French, Lewis & Clark College
Anthony Sargenti, Instructor of Italian, University of Arkansas
Adrian Arancibia, Professor of English
Tina Burdsall, Instructor (NTTF), Portland State University
Douglas Sackman, Professor, University of Puget Sound
K. Scott Baker, Associate Professor of German, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Marie Lo, Associate Professor of English, Portland State University
Elizabeth A. Bennett, Associate Professor of International Affairs, Lewis & Clark College
Sherry Lindquist, Dorothy Kayser Hohenberg Chair of Excellence in Art History , University of Memphis
Don Schweitzer, Associate Professor, Pacific University
Jennifer Brown, Professor and Chair of English, Marymount Manhattan College
Giles Hooker, Associate Professor of Statistics and Data Science, Cornell University
James Padilioni, VAP and postdoc fellow in Religion, Swarthmore College
Marshelle Woodward, Assistant Professor of English, Canisius College
Joanna Swanger, Assoc. Professor, Peace & Global Studies and Latin American History; Earlham College
Kathryn Sederberg, Assistant Professor of German, Kalamazoo College
Magali Rabasa, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Lewis and Clark College
Cynthia Fadem, Associate Professor of Geology, Earlham College
Cynthia Fadem, Associate Professor of Geology, Earlham College
Susan Davis Program Head of Dance Lewis & Clark College
Richard Ivan Jobs, Professor of History, Pacific University
Michael Dekel, Lecturer, English for Academic Putposes, David Yellin College
Leah Rogne, Professor Emerita, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Adrienne Merritt, Faculty in Residence, Oberlin College
Matthew Neill Null, Visiting Writer, English & Cultural Studies, Bryant University
Kelly J. Shannon, Associate Professor of History, Florida Atlantic University
Jay Odenbaugh, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lewis & Clark College
Nicole Guenther Discenza, Professor of English, University of South Florida
Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor, Media Studies, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Tavares, Assistant Professor of English, Pacific University
Deborah E. Lycan, Professor, Biology and Biochemistry/molecular biology, Lewis & Clark College
Catherine Kemp, Associate Professor, Philosophy, John Jay College CUNY
Nicholas D. Smith, James F. Miller Professor of Humanities, Departments of Classics and Philosophy
Angie Romines, Senior Lecturer of English, The Ohio State University
John Trombold, Professor of English, North Idaho College
Dawn Salgado, Associate Professor, Psychology, Pacific University
Valerie Moore, Student, Supporter of Tenure
Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan, Associate Professor of French, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Shampa Biswas, Paul Garrett Professor of Politics, Whitman College
Margaret Rockey, Communications Instructor, Western Washington University
Wendy Woodrich, Senior Lecturer (emerita), Hispanic Studies, Lewis & Clark College
Chelsea Shields-Más, Assistant Professor, History, SUNY College at Old Westbury
Eric Zuelow, History and Philosophy, University of New England
Joel W. Fisher, Associate Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History, Lewis & Clark College
Jason Pribilsky, Professor of Anthropology, Whitman College
Karen Gross, Associate Professor of English, Lewis & Clark College
Kyoko Klaus, Lecturer, Asian Studies, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Rachel Lee Rubin, Professor, American Studies, UMass Boston
Kaitlin Dornan, student, Pacific University
Jack Jackson, Assistant Professor of Politics, Whitman College
Amanda Stead, Associate Professor Speech Pathology, Pacific University
Kelly Clancy, Assistant Professor and Chair of Political Science, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Hongwei Lu, Professor of Asian Studies Program, University of Redlands
Ashley Fricks-Gleason, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Regis University
Kathleen Feyh, Asst. Teaching Professor, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University
Maureen Curtin, Associate Professor of English, SUNY Oswego
Josh Fernandez, Associate professor of English, Folsom Lake College
Lynn Goldstein, Professor Emerita, TESOL/TFL and Applied Linguistics,The Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Rebecca Schoon, Assistant Professor, Public Health, Pacific University
John Mazis, Professor of History, Hamline University
Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Dean’s Chair Professor, Massey University
Ari Edmundson, Graduate Student, History, UC Berkeley
Chenjerai Kumanyika, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Studies Rutgers University
Amanda R. Martinez, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Department Chair, Davidson College
Patricia Smith, faculty, Philosophy, Century College MN
John Streamas; Associate Professor; School of Languages, Cultures, and Race; Washington State University
Dana Lundell, Program Director, Portland State University
Grant Cates, Graduate Student, Physics, University of Stuttgart
GPat Patterson, Assistant Professor of English, Kent State Tuscarawas
Don Unger, Assistant Professor of Writing & Rhetoric, University of Mississippi
Beth E. McGarry, Part Time Faculty - Nursing - Indian River State College, FL
Sarah Chivers, Phd, Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University
Jennifer Barajas, Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures, Bradley University
Mark Nowak, Professor, English Department, Manhattanville College
Ashley Bohrer, Department of Philosophy, Hamilton College
Kimberly Drake, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Scripps College
Floyd Cheung, Professor of English, Smith College
Aaron Bobrow-Strain, Professor of Politics, Whitman College
James M. Thomas (JT), Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Mississippi
Alyssa Parker, PhD candidate for Rhetoric and Composition, Ball State University (IN)
Charles H.F. Davis III, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Ira Erbs. Union Member and Adjunct in the CIS Dept. at Portland Community College
Linda Pierce Allen, Associate Professor of English, the University of Southern Mississippi
Angela Ball, Professor and Associate Director, Center for Writers, University of Southern MIssissippi
Christine Vais, Instructor of German, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Kent State University
Kavita Mudan Finn, Lecturer, Simmons University
Melissa Stuckey, Assistant Professor of History, Elizabeth City State University
Jameela Lares, Professor of England and Charles W. Moorman Distinguished Professor of Humanities 2017-2019, The University of Southern Mississippi,
Renée Archibald, Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance, Whitman College
Amanda Hayes, English, Kent
Elmaz Abinader, Professor of Languages and Literatures, Mills College
Laura Horak, Associate Professor of Film Studies, Carleton University
Stephanie Brown, RN preceptor 2S DEU
Amy Abugo Ongiri, Associate Professor, Lawrence University
Stephanie Han, English Instructor, Maui Preparatory Academy
Amrita Dhar, Assistant Professor of English, The Ohio State University
Sasha Khan, Doctoral Student, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University
Molly Clark Hillard, Associate Professor, English, Seattle University
Katrina Olds, Associate Professor of History, University of San Francisco
Peter Jensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, University of Alabama
Rebecca Mason, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of San Francisco
Ryanne Pilgeram, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Idaho
Micaela di Leonardo, Professor, Anthropology, Northwestern University
Cheryl Greenberg, paul raether distingished professor of history, Trinity college, hartford, ct
Deborah Cohen, Associate Professor, History, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Amritjit Singh, Langston Hughes Professor, Ohio U
Nyasha Grayman-Simpson. Associate Professor of Psychology, Goucher College
Myesa Mahoney, Program Convenor, Griffith College
Larry Swain, Assistant Professor, English, Bemidji State University
Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In
Jeremy Siegman, Lecturer on Social Studies, Harvard University
Judith Coe, Professor Emerita, Univiersity of Colorado Denver
Alexandra Lykissas, Professor, Humanities, Seminole State College of Florida
Melanie Landon-Hays, Associate Professor, Division of Education and Leadership, Western Oregon University
Emerald Stacy, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Washington College
Kathryn Tillman, Professor of Sociology, Florida State University
Betsy Erbaugh, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Stockton University
Spencer M. Potter, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Westminster College
Spencer M. Potter, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Westminster College
Greg Newall, Instructor of Spanish, University of South Carolina
Jonneke Koomen, Associate Professor of Sociology and Politics, Willamette University
Alexandra Bush, PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Edgar M. Vargas Blanco
Abby Kulisz, PhD Student, Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University
William Callison, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Kerri Kearney, Graduate Student, M.S., Higher Education Administration, Duquesne University
Janet Lorenzen, Assist Prof Sociology, Willamette University
Benjamin Wurgaft, Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joseph Kellner, Lecturer, Department of History, UC Berkeley
Sally Markowitz, Professor of Philosophy, Willamette University
Emily Drabinski, Associate Professor, Library, Long Island University, Brooklyn
Samantha Hines, Associate Dean, Peninsula College, WA, also Linfield Grad 1999 BA in Political Science
Scott Nadelson, Associate Professor of English, Willamette University
William Smaldone, E. J. Whipple Professor of History, Willamette University
Pamela Moro, Professor of Anthropology, Willamette University
Stephanie DeGooyer, Assistant Professor, Willamette University
John Munro, Associate Professor, St. Mary's University
Sally Markowitz, Prof. of Philosophy, Willamette University
Omari Weekes, Assistant Professor of English, Willamette University
María Irene Moyna, Associate Professor, Department of Hispanic Studies, Texas A&M University
Bernard Geoghegan, Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Maegan Parker Brooks, Assistant Professor, Civic Communication and Media, Willamette University
Jennifer Jopp, Senior Lecturer, History, Willamette University
Eamon Tewell, Assistant Professor and Reference & Instruction Librarian, Long Island University Brooklyn
Nicholas Mohlmann, Assistant Professor of English, University of West Florida
Matthew Knachel, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Roy Perez, Associate Professor of English, Willamette University
Seth Cotlar, Professor of History, Willamette University
Isabelle Havet, Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, OR
John Ostermiller, Teaching Intern in the Humanities Department, Los Rios Community College District
Krista Benson, Assistant Profrssor, Liberal Studies, Grand Valley State University
Jeanne Clark, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Willamette University
Daniel Borrero, Assistant Professor of Physics, Willamette University
Richard J. Ellis, Hatfield Professor of Politics, Willamette University
Susan D. Amussen, Professor of History, University of California, Merced
Emily Drew, Associate Professor of Sociology, Willamette University
Gaetano DeLeonibus, Professor of French, Willamette University
Josh Laison, Professor of Mathematics, Willamette University
Kevin Jennings, Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Jonathan Cole, Associate Professor of Theatre, Willamette University
Danielle Deulen, Associate Professor of English, Willamette University
Erik Noftle, Associate Professor of Psychology, Willamette University
Ann M. Nicgorski, Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Willamette University
Frann Michel, Professor of English, Willamette University
Dorothy Stegman, Associate Professor of French, Ball State University
Anna Kornbluh, Associate Professor, English, UIC
Christin Zenker, Graduate Student, Washington University in St. Louis
Julie Beth Napolin, Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, The New School
Elizabeth Duquette, Professor, Gettysburg College
Andrew Klein, Assistant Professor, English, St. Thomas University
Robin Ellis, Postdoctoral Research Associate, German Studies, University of Virginia
Laura Alexander, Associate Professor of English, High Point University
Taylor Cowdery, Assistant Professor of English, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Manu Samriti Chander, Associate Professor of English, Rutgers-Newark
Matt Johnston, Associate Professor of Art History, Lewis & Clark College
Jessica Salvatore, Associate Professor of Psychology, Sweet Briar College
John MacNeill Miller, Assistant Professor of English, Allegheny College
Mary R. Bachvarova, Professor, Classical Studies, Willamette University
Heather Chacon, Assistant Professor, Greensboro College
Ellen Eisenberg, Dwight & Margaret Lear Professor of History, Willamette University
Jessica Sewell, Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia
Ines Dias, Assistant Professor of Portuguese, Spelman College
Leslie Dunlap, Continuing (Adjunct) Professor of History, Willamette University
Christopher Nagle, Associate Professor of English, Western Michigan University
Priscilla Layne, Associate Professor of German, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sarah Irving, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Emma Atwood, Assistant Professor of English, University of Montevallo
Jason Groves, Assistant Professor of Germanics, University of Washington, Seattle
Lauren Hansen, Visiting Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities, New College of Florida
Patricia Varas, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies, Willamette University
April Overstreet, Associate Professor of Spanish and Women's and Gender Studies, Willamette University
Susan Coromel, Professor, Department of Theatre, Willamette University
Lesley Goodman, Assistant Professor of English, Albright College
Min Song, Professor of English, Boston College
Michelle A. Holling, Professor of Communication, California State University San Marcos
Tamara Kneese, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of San Francisco
Rudolph M. Bell, Distinguished Professor of History, Rutgers University
Daniel Jaffee, Associate Professor of Sociology, Portland State University
Troy Shinbrot, Professor, Rutgers University
Samuele Pardini Associate Professor Wolrd Languages and Cultures,Elon University
Nancy Gallagher professor emeritus history ucsb
Peter Wogan, Professor of Anthropology, Willamette University
Blanca Caldas, assistant professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Clayton Morgareidge, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Lewis & Clark College
Courtney Stevens, Associate Professor of Psychology, Willamette University
William A. Rottschaefer, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon
Mytheli Sreenivas, Associate professor of History and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio State University
Robert Boikess, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers
Jamele Watkins, Post-doctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Seth Kahn, Professor of Engish, West Chester University of PA
Saghar Sadeghian, Assistant Professor, History Department, Willamette University
Farshid Marbouti, Assistant Professor of General Engineering, San Jose State University
Umeeta Sadarangani, Professor of English, Parkland College
Wallace Long, Director of Choral Activities, Full Professor, Willamette University
Dr. Martin Weatherston, Professor of Philosophy, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Alejandra Favela, Associate Professor of Education, Graduate School, Lewis & Clark College
Saul Steier, Professor of English (retired), San Francisco State University
Tyrras Warren, Senior Instructor of Art & Technology
Micol Seigel, Professor of American Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington
Colin Ives, Associate Professor Department of Art, University of Oregon
Laurie Mercier, Professor of History, Washington State University
Sonnet Retman, Associate Professor, American Ethnic Studies, University of Washington-Seattle
Nina Hagel, Postdoctoral Fellow, Bates College
Ritu Gairola Khanduri, Associate professor, Sociology and Anthropology, University of Texas at Arlington
Megan Ybarra, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Washington
Sam Bruton, Professor, Philosophy, Univ. of Southern Mississippi
Lisa Jacobson, PhD Candidate in Film & Media, University of California, Berkeley
Chris Harris, Professor of Theatre, Willamette University
Sarah Chihaya, Assistant Professor of English, Princeton University
Cecily McCaffrey, Associate Professor of History, Willamette University
Robert Liebman, Professor of Sociology, Portland State University
H Rakes, Assistant Professor, WGSS, Oregon State University
Ellie Harmon, Senior Instructor, Computer Science, Portland State University
Sara Brady, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York
Michael Dreiling, Professor and Dept. Head, Sociology, University of Oregon
Zoran Gajic, Professor, Rutgers University, NJ
Brenci Patiño, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department Chair of Latin American and Francophone Studies, Mary Baldwin University
Somy Kim, Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
Bedelia Richards, Associate Professor, university of Richmond
Grace Hong, Professor of Asian American Studies and Gender Studies, UCLA
Shaista Patel, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of California San Diego
Sami Schalk, Assistant Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Debjani Chakravarty, Asst. Prof., Sociology, Utah Valley University.
Anna Haley, Associate Professor, Social Work, Rutgers University
CFS Creasy, Lecturer, UC Berkeley English Department
Neha Vora, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Lafayette College
Sharika Thiranagama, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University
Tanvi Solanki, Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Yonsei University
Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, Professor of German, University of North Texas
Beverly Weber, Associate Professor of German Studies and Jewish Studies, University of Colorado Boulder
Kristen Hylenski, Associate Professor of German Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth
Jeremiah Peschka, PhD Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Melissa Sheedy, Lecturer of German, University of California, Santa Barbara
Bryan Lally, ATF
Ted Cooper, Graduate Teaching Assistant in Computer Science, Portland State University Graduate Employees Union
Jaboa Lake, Graduate Instructor, Portland State University
Hannah Eldridge, Associate Professor of German, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Juan C. Toledano Redondo, Professor of Hispanic Studies, WLL. Lewis & Clark College
Darrell Ross, Professor Department ofForest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University
Jan Medlock, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Oregon State University
Jonathan Kaplan, Professor of Philosophy, Oregon State University
Michele Wiseman, Faculty Research Assistant Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
Marisa Chappell, Associate Professor of History, Oregon State University
Victor Reyes, Instructor-ESL with INTO OSU, Oregon State University
Daniel Andersen, Instructor in Public Policy, Oregon State University
Kathleen Stanley, Senior Instructor, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University
Jed Cappellazzi, Faculty Research Assistant in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University
Mark Novak, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
Dr. Dean Braa, Associate Professor, Sociology, Western Oregon University
Petra Watzke, Visiting Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
Samiya Bashir, Associate Professor, Department of English, Reed College
Peter Callero, Professor of Sociology, Western Oregon University
Eliot Dickinson, Department of Politics, Western Oregon University
Pallavi Rastogi, Associate Professor, English, Louisiana State University
David Woken, History and Latin American Studies Librarian, Unviersity of Oregon
Mark M. Van Steeter, chair Department of Geography and Sustainability, Western Oregon University
Shirin Khanmohamadi, Associate Prof., Comparative and World Literature, SFSU
Karl-Georg Federhofer, Alan P. Cottrell Collegiate Lecturer, University of Michigan
David Doellinger, Professor, History, Western Oregon University
Sheer Ganor, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Rebekah Perry, Oregon State University
Amanda Granrud, Instructor in Speech Communication, Oregon State University
David Galaty, Professor Emeritus, History, Humanistic Studies, The University of Wisconsin- Green Bay
Martin Klebes, Associate Professor of German, University of Oregon
Annelise Heinz, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Oregon
Rachel Cunliffe, Asst. Prof. Portland State University
Pui Leung, Professor, Physics Department, Portland State University
Fabienne Moore, Associate Professor of French, University of Oregon
Riley Cooper, Financial Aid Counselor, Portland State University, AAUP
Grace L. Dillon, Professor of Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University
Tom Bivins, Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon
Lynn Feekin, Instructor, LERC, University of Oregon
Errin Beck, Senior Instructor of English as a Second Language, Portland State University
Elizabeth A. Bohls, Professor and Associate Head, University of Oregon
José Padín, Associate Profesor of Sociology, Portland State University and President, PSU-AAUP
Cassio de Oliveira, Assistant Professor of Russian, Department of World Languages and Literatures, Portland State University
John Hellermann, Professor, Applied Linguistics, Portland State University
Amy E. Borden Associate Professor of Film, School of Film, Portland State University
Shayna Snyder, Capstone Instructor and Academic Advisor, AAUP
Heather Burns, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy, Portland State University
Mary C. King, Professor of Economics Emerita, Portland State University
Dwaine Plaza Professor of Sociology Oregon State University
Gerald Sussman, Professor, Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University
Mollie Janssen, Assistant Professor of Practice, Portland State University
Timothy Jenkins, Senior Instructor, Physics, University of Oregon (Linfield Alumnus)
Gerald Gast, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon
Daniel Lowd, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon
Krista McGuire, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Oregon
Michelle Jacob, Professor, Education Studies, University of Oregon
Nathalie Hester, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages, University of Oregon
Cristina Calhoon, Sr Instructor, Classics, University of Oregon
Kathryn Wuschke, Assistant Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Portland State University
Lindsey Wise, Sr Research Assistant, Portland State University
Kimberly Wieser, Associate Professor of English, Affiliated Native Studies Faculty, University of Oklahoma1
Estela Ballon, Professor, Liberal Studies, Cal Poly Pomona
Eliza Noh, Professor, Asian American Studies, California State University Fullerton
Jada Phelps-Moultrie
Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr. Assistant Profesor, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Portland State University
Alice Pawley, associate professor, Purdue University
Bruce Simon, Associate Professor, State University of New York at Fredonia
Monica McDaniel, Instructor- Environmental Studies, Augsburg University; Linfield College Alum, Class of '07
Yvonne Y. Kwan, Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, San Jose State University
Susan M. Shaw, Professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University
Reena Goldthree, Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Princeton University
Elizabeth Chin, Professor, Graduate Media Design Practices ArtCenter College of Design
Elizabeth Sheehan, Assistant Professor of English, Oregon State University
Dr. Stacey Camp, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Leslie Bary, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Kryn Freehling-Burton, Senior Instructor Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University
Yu-Fang Cho, Associate Professor, English and Global and Intercultural Studies, Miami University
Travis McKenna Bachelor's of Theatre Arts
Maria Damon, Professor, Humanities and Media Studies, Pratt Institute of Art
Clément Hossaert, PhD student, Comparative Literature, Université de Montréal
Megan Ward, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
Jamie Lee Marks, Instructor, School of Profesional Studies, Trinity Washington DC
Dajanae Palmer, PhD Student Higher Education, Indiana University
Mónica G. García, Associate Professor, Secondary Education , Cal State Northridge
Elizabeth Vandiver, Clement Biddle Penrose Professor Latin and Classics, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
Bob Carson, Phillips Prof. of Geology & Environmental Studies Emeritus, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington
Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn, Department of Politics, Whitman College
Bruce Magnusson, Associate Professor of Politics, Whitman College
Keith Farrington Department of Sociology Whitman College Walla Walla, WA 99362
Matt Reynolds, Assoc. Professor, Art History & Visual Culture Studies, Whitman College
Chas McKhann, Prof. of Anthropology, Whitman College
Pavel S. Blagov, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Whitman College
Barbara Sanborn, VAP of Physics, Whitman College
Nancy Christoph, Professor of Spanish, Pacific University Oregon
Delbert Hutchison, Associate Professor, Biology, Whitman College
Shampa Biswas, Paul Garrett Professor of Political Science, Whitman College
Nicole Caso, Associate Professor of Spanish, Bard College
Rocio Ferreira, Associate Professor, DePaul University
Lola Isern. Adjunct Professor of Spanish. University of San Francisco
Martivón Galindo, Retired Emerita Professor Latin American & Latino/a Studies, Holy Names University
Vivaldo Santos, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown Umiversity
Nancy K Christoph, Professor of Spanish, Pacific University Oregon
Daniel Schindler, Associate Professor, Department Chair, Theatre and Dance Dept., Whitman College
Pilar Alvarez-Rubio, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, California State University, Chico
Jossianna Arroyo, Ptofessor, Spanish and Portuguese, African Diaspora Studies, UT Austin
Song No, Dept of Spanish and Portuguese, Purdue University
Simone Riley, Linfield College '17
Miles Canaday, Assistant Professor of Music, Whitman College
Laura R. Loustau, Associate Professor of Spanish, Chapman University
Gwen D'Arcangelis, Assistant Professor, Gender Studies, Skidmore College
Lucia Galleno, Associate Professor
Jacqueline Woodfork, Associate Professor, Whitman College
Mark Beck, Professor of Physics, Reed College
Michelle Hamilton, Professor of Spanish, University of Minnesota
Dr. Emily K. Harrison, Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Colorado Boulder
Manel Lacorte, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, University of Maryland
Jessica Lonnes, Instructor, School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
Rudy Fichtenbaum, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Wright State University, President of AAUP
J. A. Bernstein, Assistant Professor of English, University of Southern Mississippi
Brett Burkhardt, Associate Professor of Sociology, Oregon State University (Linfield '02)
Janet Badia, Professor of Women's Studies, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Russell Brickey, Lecturer, English, Youngstown State University
Timothy A. Bennett, Assoc. Prof. German Wittenberg University
Shana Higgins, Librarian, University of Redlands
Jack Iverson, Professor of French, Whitman College
Mary Jaeger, Professor, Department of Classics, University of Oregon
Brian Dott, Associate Professor, History Department, Whitman College
Mary Ann Cain, English and Linguistics, Purdue Fort Wayne
Mary Margaret Benson, Professor Emerita, Library, Linfield College
Uahikea Maile, PhD Candidate & Instructor, University of New Mexico
Nagesh Rao, Lecturer, University Studies, Colgate University
Professor, Religion Department, Wright State University
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lauren Squires, Associate Professor, Department of English, The Ohio State University
Stacey Sexton, SageFox Consulting Group
Jeffry Watters, Communication Department, Columbus State Community College
Kathleen Feyh, Asst. Teaching Professor, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University
Peter Gilford, Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Hampshire College
Laura Shelton, Associate Professor of History, Franklin & Marshall College
Wanda Goleman, Associate Professor, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Rosa Johnson, Linfield College Alumna ‘17 Departments of Mass Communication and English Literature
Sherry CM Lindquist, Dorothy Kayser Hollenberg share of excellence in Art History, University of Memphis
Kent W. Hooper, Professor, German Studies, University of Puget Sound
Arum Park, Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Arizona
Ashley Bohrer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Hamilton College
Aaron Jaffe, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The Juilliard School
Carla Maria Thomas, Assistant Professor of English, Florida Atlantic University
Helen Scott, Associate Professor, University of Vermont
Ayesha Shariff, History Faculty, Saint Paul College, Minnesota State
Sherri Franks Johnson, Department of History, Louisiana State University
Megan Ybarra, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Washington
Marie Draz, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, San Diego State University
Lisa Burch-Windrem, Former Linfield Employee, WSU
William Smaldone, Professor of History, Willamette University
Tina Gross, Associate Professor, St. Cloud State University
Nicole Simek, Associate Professor, Whitman College
Ginger Withers, Associate Professor, Biology, Whitman College
Dr. Shameem Rakha, Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning, Washington State University Vancouver
Youngtae shin, professor. University of Central Oklahom
Lisa Uddin, Assoc. Professor, Art History & Visual Culture Studies, Whitman College
Bruce LaForse, Associate Professor of Classics, Wright State University
Yolanda Martinez San Miguel, Professor, Modern Languages, University of Miami
Alison Tracy Hale, English, U of Puget Sound
Eunice Blavascunas, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Environmental Studies, Whitman College
Mark Rupert, Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University
Michael A. Ryan, Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico
Sara Feldman, Preceptor in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Jonathan Walters, Professor of Religion, Whitman College
Delaney Bullinger, Faculty Librarian, Auburn University
Jill Galvan, Associate Professor in English, Ohio State University
Liam Anderson, Professor of Political Science, Wright State University
Jennifer Hardacker, Professor, Pacific University
Candy Renfro, Pacific University, Spanish Instructor-World Languages
Lisa Voigt, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, The Ohio State University
Deborah M. Sinnreich-Levi, Assoc. Prof., Stevens Institute
Christopher DeWeese, Associate Professor, Wright State University
Lanie Millar, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Oregon
Josna Rege, Professor of English, Worcester State University
Heather Moreland, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Southwest Minnesota State University & Linfield Alum '98
Maeve Callan, Associate Professor of Religion, Simpson College

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