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Kikori Community Organization - School Connector
Are you an experiential education community organization who would like to collaborate with educational institutions?

Kikori's mission is to revolutionize education through infusing experiential education practices into educational institutions around the world. We believe through experiential education, educators can help students connect with themselves, others and the planet. While Kikori can support teachers within the classroom, we recognize there are incredible community organizations who are doing work that would benefit students, and we hope to support those collaborations.

Kikori's website/mobile app will include a map of community experiential education organizations so that interested educators can easily locate organizations they would like to collaborate with.

What is the name of your organization?
Who is your main contact person?
What is your email address?
What is your address?
What is your contact telephone number?
What is your mission?
What ages do you work with?
What are the services you provide to schools?
What activities do you offer?
Who is the contact person in charge of organizing collaborations with schools?
What are your business hours?
Please upload a photo (or photos) that represent your organization.
We are looking for enthusiastic facilitators to use Kikori within their youth program for one year as a Beta Beta User. As a Beta Beta User, you would be able to use the app for free with the intention of providing Kikori feedback on how it works, whether it meets your needs, and what features you would like to see (4 times over a year period). Would you love to be a Beta Beta User for Kikori?
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