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STA Intercultural Development Survey
The STA Parish Council designated 2019-2020 as a year for our parish to examine race relations, to see what the parish should be doing to improve racial equity in our community and in our world. We strive to further our identity as “God’s People in Extraordinary Variety … A Caring Community”. A part of the examination is to ask parishioners, high school age and older, to complete an Intercultural Development Survey, to see how we need to grow. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions. You do not need to complete the survey more than once.
1. People of color are treated with implicit bias in our society.
2. Institutional Racism affects people of color in the United States.
3. White Fragility hinders open dialogue between races.
4. Our society has made adequate amends for racial inequity.
5. I am aware of the anti-racism work that STA has done in the past.
6. I talk about my own culture with others.
7. I have courageous conversations with people from a different culture than me.
8. I avoid situations where I find myself in the minority.
9. If I witness cultural intolerance, I feel confident enough to challenge it.
10. In the past year, I have witnessed or experienced racial inequity:
11. In the past year, I have seen people of a different ethnicity socially:
12. In the past year, I have dined in the home of someone of a different ethnicity:
13. I need to further strengthen my intercultural development:
14. What ways do you prefer when learning new information (check all that apply):
15. Here are suggestions on how STA can help me improve my intercultural development (please list):
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