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What are your "Do Not Plays" (Songs that you do not want played during your event)
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If this is a wedding please proceed and answer all the questions below
Where are the majority of your guests coming from? In state / out of state? What cities?
Will there be guests arrival music? If so what kind of music would you like while your guests arrive? 
Will there be any special dances / parent dances? 
If so please list the songs you would like to be played for those special dances along with who will be dancing. 
Would you like to be introduced onto the dance floor? If so how would you like to be introduced? Would you like an introduction song and if so what song would that be? 
Will there be a first couples dance? If so what song would you like played for your first dance? 
If there will be a first dance for the couple when you would like that to occur? 
Will there be dinner served? If so would you like music played and what kind of music would you like played during dinner? 
Will there be toasts that require a microphone? If so who will be doing the toasts? 
Will there be an announced cake cutting? If so would you like music played during this and what song would you like played?
Will there be a bouquet/garter toss? If so what songs would you like played during this?
Will there be a final dance? If so what song would you like played?
Will there be a grand exit? If so what song would you like played?
Will there be a final announcement? If so what will it be? (Typically this is where we tell all the guests where you will be heading after the wedding if there is an after party at a bar or another venue)
Our Denon DJ Prime 4 connects directly to Soundcloud. This makes taking requests on the dance floor a lot easier. Please create a wedding playlist for us for all songs you would like played on the website and email the link to it to 

Creating a playlist on Soundcloud is free and easy. If you need help creating one please feel free to call us or text us: 323.375.5845
Is there anything else about the event or you as a couple that you would like us to know? 
Congratulations on your big day!! We look forward to making it a magical and memorable experience. 
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