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SL Fantasy Feed Application for Fantasy Stores/Fashion Fantasy Events/RP Support Groups
Thank you for applying to the SL Fantasy Feed.

1 - SL Fantasy Feed follows all Blogs and Websites that are related to fantasy roleplay in Second Life. Please keep in mind that your store/event/support group must offer more then 80% of fantasy related items and topics such as gorean, medieval, game of thrones, steampunk, victorian, western, ancient empires, etc. Urban themed stores/events/support groups will not be accepted.

2 - Banner Format is Available for this group of applicants.
Store Banners are 198 x 56
Fashion Event Banners/RP Support Groups are 250 x 165
Once you apply, please send a notecard to PewPew Zero in SL with the store's name, a full perm texture in the correct size.

3 - Once your accepted, you are required to add the SL Fantasy Feed in your Blog Roll.

4 - All your pictures should be submitted in the SL Fantasy Feed official Flickr group:

5 - You will be responsible in keeping your links updated. If your store/event/support group has a new location or new links, you will need to contact PewPew Zero in order to keep your information updated in the feed. Please send the request for updates in a notecard to PewPew Zero.

This form only applies to Fantasy Stores, Fashion Fantasy Events and Roleplay Support Groups ONLY. Banners are available for this group of applicants.

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