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BCFPA 2017 May Speaker's Evening Survey
Dear BCFPA Members,

We would like to thank you for attending our our Spring Spring Speaker's Evening held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

In our continued effort for improvement and to bring seminars and events that our interesting to our members, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete our Survey. We also ask that those who did not attend also complete the Survey.

Please visit our website for the latest updates.

Thank you,

BC Food Protection Association Executive Board

1. Did you attend the May 31, 2017 Spring Speaker's Evening event?
2. If you did not attend, please explain why. Select all that apply.
3. Please rate the Speaker's Evening.
4. Was the Speaker's Evening what you expected?
5. Did the Speaker's Evening provide you with useful information?
6. Did you like the venue?
7. Why or why not? Please provide your comments on what you like and did not like regarding the venue including location.
Your answer
8. Do you feel that sponsorship exhibits add value to our events?
9. Did you network with exhibitors and/or members and learn about new technologies and services?
10. We plan on organizing a Fall event later this year. What topics would you be interested in? Check all that apply.
11. How did you find out about our events? Select all that apply.
12. Which speaker(s) do you want to see at the Fall event. Please list their name(s) below.
Your answer
13. If there are other food safety topics you would like to hear about in our future events, please list your suggestions below.
Your answer
14. There is a possibility for us to organize a one-day Fall workshop on FSMA. Would you be interested in attending this workshop?
15. If you answered yes to question 14, please check off all FSMA-related topics that interest you (you can check more than one).
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