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Lab TA Application
All prospective lab instructor applicants must have:
a verifiable mastery of General Physics content (good grades)
a willingness to participate in the instructional process
a desire to serve mankind by propagating the laws of physics

All successful lab instructor applicants will receive:
even greater mastery of General Physics content (better grades!)
a basic understanding of instructional methods and techniques
an awesome teaching experience to put on their résumé
warm, fuzzy feelings of belonging to something larger than oneself.

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Major or Interest Physics
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Number Of Section(s) and Corresponding Credits Received For PHYS 391-Practicum in Teaching
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Submission of this Lab TA application only entitles the applicant to consideration for a Lab TA position for General Physics in the upcoming semester. It does not guarantee actual placement in such a position. However, TA applicants that successfully submit all required materials, meet criteria for grades, and actually have the necessary time in their schedule, are generally assigned a solo or partnered teaching post. Selected applicants will either be registered for PHYS 391(Practicum in Teaching Physics) or allowed to serve as a campus volunteer if credit is not desired.

Once assigned, Physics Lab TAs are required to teach all scheduled lab sections and attend all weekly prep meetings. Lab quizzes will be given at the end of each lab section, graded, and returned during the next lab meeting. Student grad records will be kept accurately and confidentially, as directed. Other responsibilities may be assigned.

Physics Lab TAs are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonably professional manner: arriving at assigned times, punctually; conducting the lab safely; teaching the material properly; treating their students equitably, and: grading them fairly. If these guidelines are followed, both you and your students should have a great semester!

Contact Professor Meenakshi at or Mark Stephens at for more information.

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