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Ethnographic research into gambling apps
As part of my University research, I'm trying to ascertain if there are any features found within gambling apps that actively encourage gambling, particularly as to how they target users. The survey below tries to approach this by asking general questions to see if any patterns emerge.

None of the answers are mandatory, so please answer only the questions you are comfortable with answering.

Thank you!
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What was the reason for using the app?
Did the app ultimately meet those requirements?
Were there any specific enticements in that app compared to the competition?
What was your experience with depositing money versus withdrawing money?
Very dissimilar
Very similar
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How frequently do you think the app would prompt you to take an action that involved depositing money (e.g., making a bet, or engaging with a promotion)?
Very infrequently
Very frequently
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Was there a general sense of urgency while using the app, particularly in terms of how much time there was to take an action?
No urgency
Constant sense of urgency
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If you signed up for an initial deposit bonus, how easily were you able to withdraw any winnings from this?
Very difficult
Very easy
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In general, what is the tone of the language in the app regarding betting and/or promotions?
Very negative
Very positive
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Do you think the colour scheme or the appearance of the app had any effect on how you engaged with the app?
No effect
Significant effect
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If you engaged with the social side of the app, how important was this part of the experience to you?
Very unimportant
Very important
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If so, can you describe what social features you used?
Were the terms and conditions for promotions clearly advertised?
Very unclear
Very clear
Clear selection
Were there any features in the app that helped  manage your gambling?
If so, how easy or difficult were they to find and use?
Very difficult
Very easy
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If you ended up cancelling your account, how did you find this process?
Very difficult
Very easy
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