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iOS Developer goplaybook📱
Talent meets Recognition is goplaybook's Mission

👤 Roles
1. Has the Hustle and Ownership approach.
2. Optimising existing iOS code.
3. Develop efficient, reusable, reliable & Scalable Code.
4. Has Experience in payment gateway implementation.
5. Has Expertise in use of REST/3P APIs.
6. Has experience in project integration with firebase.

1. 0-2 Years of experience in iOS development
2. Has published one or more iOS apps in the app store
3. Has expertise with Swift.
4. Has Experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics and Core Text.
5. Has Experience using third-party libraries and APIs.
6. Has Experience in module testing of ios components.
7. Has Experience in translating designs and wireframes into high quality codes.

đź’ĄPerks at GoPlayBook
1. Food is on the House.
2. Complimentary access to FitYard gym (North Delhi) to the goplaybook's team.
3. Play Cricket, Football, PS4 & more...

đź“‹Please Note
1. Go through the process only, if "Sports" is a Religion to you ,or you are Passionate about "Sports".
2. This Form can be a Lengthy One. (May take 1Hr)
3. Be Bold, Be Honest.

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