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MacCon 2016 GM Application Form
This form will be used by MacCon organizers as a base of information for the game you would like to run. Please fill in as many options as possible so that we can get the best idea about what you would like to run, how best to advertise the game, and how we can facilitate your requirements and make your game run as smoothly as possible.
Name of your game
Something catchy and enticing
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System you will be using
If you are using a homebrew system, please state that and any system it is based off or similar to.
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Genre of your game
This will help players get a general feel for what kind of game they will be signing up for. If your game can fit into may genres, please state the most relevant one.
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Scenario designer
Please give the full name of the person who designed the scenario you are running so we can give them full credit for their work. If you do not know, please state the company that published the scenario. If you created the scenario yourself, please give your full name.
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Game blurb
This blurb will be used as a description of the game and advertisement on the website and Facebook page so try to make it as appealing as possible for players. If you wish to change your blurb later down the line, please email us with updates at
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Do you have any special requirements?
E.g. projectors, DVD/CD players, microphones, internet access, space required etc.
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Who is running the game and what are your contact details?
Please give full names of anyone who is running as well as the best EMAIL address to contact them on. We don't require phone numbers.
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Do you give permission for us to share your details with players registered for your games?
We want our GMs and our players to be able to communicate as easily as possible. Your information will not be given to any other party if you choose to accept. If not, then the Macquarie University Roleplaying Society will take the role of go-between for GMs and players.
Would you be able to provide an image to help advertise your game or would you prefer to give us permission to decide on an image?
We want all games run at this year's MacCon to be full of players. To this end, we are trying to make games on both our website and Facebook page as appealing and interesting as possible to potential players.
When are you available to run? Please select a minimum of 2 options
This year we will be offering 5 hour time slots to GMs outside of the Pathfinder Society as well as the normal 3 hour time slots. When selecting preferred timeslots make sure to note the length of the chosen slot so that you are not volunteering for both a 3 hour AND a 5 hour time slot that are running concurrently. Confused? Please send us an email at for further clarification.
Would you like to run an event other than a RPG and if so what?
We are always looking for new and exciting events to run alongside our tradition RPG spread. If you have an idea or would like to volunteer your time for an event, please let us know what you intend to do in the event and any requirements you have.
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Would you like to volunteer?
Through out the convention we will be needing volunteers to hep us run the convention. Duties may include cooking, cleaning, managing registration and players, driving, and other bits and bobs.
Do you require an on campus parking ticket?
Last year we offered free parking to all our wonderful GMs and this year we intend to do the same.
Would you be interested in attending a pre-con Meet & Greet?
This year we are hoping to have a get together for organizers and GMs before the con so that we can get to know each other and iron out and last minute kinks. A time, date and place are yet to be decided.
Any questions?
If you have any immediate questions about this survey or MacCon in general either detail them in the space below or email us at
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