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What Makes You Happy?
Hello. Thank you for accessing to this questionnaire form. We are Japanese students at Ochanomizu University Senior High School doing research on happiness . According to the "World Happiness Report" released by UN, Japan is ranked 53rd among 157 countries. We feel that there is a gap between the low ranking of Japan and our actual lives, so we decided to investigate by ourselves what happiness is, especially for high school students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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Do you think you spend enough time with your family? *
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If yes, what do you use your wages for?
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Have you ever felt inequality close? *
Are you happy as long as you are wealthy? *
Do you think you have enough access to education? *
When is the happiest moment in your life? *
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When is the unhappiest moment in your life? *
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What do you want the most right now? *
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