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City Fruit U-Pick Harvest Box
This Harvest season, City Fruit is excited to test a new fruit collection program: Harvest Boxes. These boxes will operate almost like a reverse-CSA – tree owners collect the fruit; fill the box; and schedule a pick-up with City Fruit. This is a great option for tree owners who only want to share a part of their harvest or who would prefer to collect the fruit on their own.

How Does it Work?
- Fill out the form to request Harvest Boxes
- Our Harvest Crew will drop them at your home within 48 hours
- After you've harvested, just ping and we will collect your fruit within 48 hours

*In the pilot year of the U-Pick Harvest Box, we will be focusing on fruit varieties with longer shelf lives such as: apples, European Pears, Asian Pears, quince, and kiwis.

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