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SLS Trick Or Treat Designer Application 2019

▬ While we do our best, we cannot guarantee we will get time to reply to every person who has applied, so please bare with us.


▬ We do NOT want blatant porn, but stores with a fun style.
▬ YES to stores with fun accessories, toys, etc.. BDSM is welcome as long as it fits theme.
▬ NO scat, puke, or anything else extreme.
▬ If you have any question about whether your item(s) are acceptable, please feel free to ask us.

▬ We DO NOT accept stores for children's items and this will not change.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling shapes, gestures, windlights, or sounds.

▬ We DO accept stores using templates in their work, no need to be original mesh to get in.
▬ As long as the creativity and quality of work are shown, all content is considered.
▬ All textures must be original, no reseller items.

COST FOR EVENT: As this is an in store event, it is a much lower cost than sim events.
▬ Designer - $1000L
▬ Sponsor - $1500L **Limited amount available**
▬ We will have a HUD with all the stores & locations on it over 2-3 tabs/pages.
▬ Designer kit gets your logo & location on the HUDs 2nd or 3rd tab/page
▬ Sponsor kit gets your logo & location on the HUDs 1st tab/page & priority in the website gallery

DESCRIPTION: This is a Trick or Treat style event where shoppers will teleport to main stores and "knock" on a door in order to get a trick or a treat. A "knock" may cost $25L or $50L each. Think of it as a fancy Gacha machine, and if the items inside are ring pops, you may get a treat ring that is a nice strawberry flavor pop, or a trick ring that is the ring pop but full of spiders, etc..
While we used a Gacha for comparison, it really is not one. You are welcome to make totally unique prizes and such. It was more to just explain the set up as hunters will pay the door and get a random prize but never the same one twice. So if a door has 10 prizes, and they play it 10 times, they get all the prizes in it. All prizes are copy/no trans. If they have the VIP HUD then they get an extra Grand Prize in that door.

+Designers will get their kits to set up a mesh door, or doors, full of prizes.
+Hunters will get a kit that allows them to go to stores and play the doors.
+Each door with have 10-20 prizes to be collected, plus a grand prize per door.
+Hunters with a Free kit will have a simple candy bucket that allows them access to play the doors, but no other benefits.
+VIP hunters will pay $100L and get a full HUD that not only lists stores and locations, but includes fun effects and gives access to grand prizes.
+It is like a Gacha but with no repeat prizes (they are copy/no trans), that way an entire prize set can be collected.
+If a prize set is fully collected, VIP hunters get the grand prize in that door, but not Free hunters.

+ If accepted, you will need to join Second Life Syndicate Affairs group in world. We will invite you.

+Go to the SLS HQ to buy the kit you applied for. You must have your SLSA group tag active to do so.

+Each kit has a $25L door & $50L door
+$25L is for smaller items like trinkets, accessories, decor, etc.
+$50L is for larger items like furniture, hair, clothing, etc.
+You may use the $25L for larger items, but NOT the $50L for smaller items.
+Items such as cosmetics & tattoos are a bit different.
+Single color cosmetic items use the $25L door, but if there are multi options in one item, the $50L door may be used.
+For tattoos, keep it $25L door for smaller tattoos with little coverage & $50L for fuller ones, such as full body or large coverage.

+Minimum of 10 & Maximum of 20 buyable prizes per door (grand prize is required as well, see below). Must be an even split of Trick prizes to Treat prizes. If you do 10 prizes, then 5 of each and so forth.
+Treats are regular prizes of choice.
+Tricks can be bloody, dirty, broken, etc. versions of prizes or full on fun quality goof prizes.

+Grand prizes are required for every door. This is not included in the Minimum/Maximum prize count.
+These are prizes for shoppers who buy all the items in the door. Once they collect them all, they will receive one final prize that is set by you.
+Think of it as a rare/ultrarare in terms of quality and such, so you can get an idea of what to have it be.
+Only one Grand Prize per door.

+Overall Minimum is 10 + 1 (11)/ Maximum 20 + 1 (21) for prizes to be made per door.
+The extra 1 for each door is the required Grand Prize. Every door has one on top of the regular prizes.

+You may have as many doors as you like, just one is required.

+Full blogger pack is required. NO partial packs. We want to make sure all the bloggers have access to all the items so the same items from each store do not get blogged repeatedly.

+All blogger packs & prize keys are due Wednesday October 17th. We need to do this as we will need several days to finish putting the HUD & website gallery together. Bloggers also need time to get first posts started.

+We do not take any other fee than the kits, you keep all your profits.
+A notecard will be given in world with more instructions.
+Updates & info will be sent out in group as needed.
+Any IP Infringement will be result in being pulled from the event with no refund (if sponsor). You will be banned from all future SLS events and a report will be filed with Linden Lab.

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Store Description *
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Store Logo *
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Final Due Date *
All items MUST be setup by OCTOBER 10TH or you will be removed from the round and replaced. Please check below to confirm you have read this.
Blogger Packs *
As full blogger packs of all exclusive items are required, please confirm below that you understand this and agree to put one out for the event by the end of the setup date July 14th.
Designer Fees *
Copyright or IP (Intellectual Property) Infringement *
You agree that your store has no images, names, or content that is of a questionable nature that would qualify as copyright and/or intellectual property infringement. We do not accept stores who have any of the above, be it items in world or listed on your Marketplace store. We are VERY strict on this. If you are unable to click below, and be honest, please do not apply as we will not accept your store.
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