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First Parish Youth Group Registration 2017 - 2018
Registration form for youth at First Parish in Cambridge
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Please check the box below if this youth has any family concerns we should be aware of. Staff will follow up with you confidentially. Ex: custody status; social, emotional, learning accommodations needed; pastoral concerns such as a recent loss in the family;, and any other issues you deem of concern
Family Expectations
Religious education at First Parish is cooperative. We ask for:

* Consistent participation and attendance. Youth have the best experience when they know each other well, and advisors can plan best when they know how many participants will attend.

* Your volunteer help each year with the program. We need parents/caregivers to drive our youth to field trips, cons and retreats! Please fill out a CORI form to be able to drive the youth this year.

* Snacks are vital to growing a healthy youth group! We ask each family to contribute to our snack rotation. Signups are available at Youth Group meetings.

* All families are asked to make a financial contribution to the Annual Fund in accordance with their ability and commitment to First Parish. Pledge forms are available at:

As parent or legal guardian of the child registered herein
I give permission for him/her to participate in any and all events and activities sponsored or endorsed by First Parish in Cambridge during the next twelve (12) months.
I acknowledge that by participating in church sponsored events my child may be involved in activities occurring both on and off church property, taking place during both day and evening hours, occasionally involving overnight stays, requiring transportation by motorized vehicle, involving the preparation and consumption of food and involving the use of tools, chemicals, fire or other materials and objects. I further acknowledge that by participating in church sponsored events my child may become involved in recreational and sporting activities including but not limited to hiking, climbing, swimming, skiing, basketball, volleyball, baseball and frisbee.
Accordingly, I acknowledge that participation in church sponsored events involves certain dangers and risks, may expose my child to hazards of bodily injury or property damage.
In recognition of these risks and realities and in consideration of my child being offered the opportunity to participate in and benefit from these church sponsored events I agree on behalf of myself and my child to release, waive and disclaim any and all liabilities of or claims against First Parish of Cambridge, its officers, board members, supervisors, agents, servants, employees and all private persons or organizations volunteering services without charge to transport, supervise or chaperone my child while participating in such church sponsored activities including, but not limited to, any or all liabilities or claims for personal injury, property damage, court costs, attorneys fees and interest, however caused or accrued, as a result of my child participating in the church sponsored events.
In the event my child requires emergency medical attention, and I cannot be reached immediately, I give permission for the First Parish youth leaders to authorize medical attention.
I agree that First Parish in Cambridge, its officers, board members, supervisors, agents, events and/or employees have the right to terminate the participation of my child in any or all church sponsored activities for failure to behave and act in accordance with the church’s regulations on conduct, for failure to follow the instructions and directions of the activity supervisor(s) and/or chaperone(s), or for any conduct of my child deemed by the church, its officers, board members, supervisors, agents, servants and/or employees, in their sole discretion, to be detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort or welfare of others or the activity as a whole.
I further agree to indemnify First Parish of Cambridge, its officers, board members, supervisors, agents, events and /or employees for any and all damage or injury my child may cause to others as a result of his/her participation in the church sponsored events.
Photo Release *
I give permission for my child's image to be used in First Parish in Cambridge publicity
Parental Agreement and Authorization
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