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Norwalk Early College Academy: Application for Admission 2019

NECA Mission Statement
Through a transformative educational program, NECA scholars are equipped with the essential skills, mindsets, and workplace experiences to excel in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors.
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Information Sessions
We invite you to join us for an Information Session called NECA Night to learn more about the Norwalk Early College Academy. All NECA Night Information Sessions begin at 6:00 pm.

NECA Night Information Session Dates and Locations:

Wednesday, October 17 starting 6:00pm at Roton Middle School
Wednesday, October 24 starting 6:00pm at Ponus Ridge Middle School
Wednesday, November 7 starting 6:00pm at Nathan Hale Middle School
Wednesday, November 14 starting 6:00pm at West Rocks Middle School

Norwalk Early College Academy is a collaboration between Norwalk Public Schools, Norwalk Community College, and IBM.

Scholars who graduate from NECA will earn both a high school diploma and an associate in applied science degree in Mobile Programming or Software Engineering. NECA is part of the Norwalk Public School system, open to all Norwalk students, at no cost to students and their families.

Admission is determined via lottery. There are no tests required for admission. For more information about NECA, contact us at 203-838-4481 ext. 13150 or via email at

How Do I Apply for Admission?
. Complete the online application.
. Supplemental forms (English and math teacher recommendation forms and School Counselor Recommendation
form) must be submitted to the middle school teachers and counselor. The completed recommendation forms will be
forwarded to NECA by the middle school counselor.

Paper applications are available to families without online access; contact the NECA office to have an application mailed to your home. Completed paper applications can be mailed to NECA Admissions, Norwalk Early College Academy, 23 Calvin Murphy Drive, Norwalk, CT 06851, emailed to, or faxed to 203-682-4305.

NECA Entrance Requirements
• Norwalk Residency
• Completed application with all supporting documents
• English and Math teacher Recommendations
• School Counselor Recommendation and Report Cards
- Current 8th Grade Report Card for Q1
- 7th Grade Final Report Card

Who Can Attend?
NECA is open to all Norwalk scholars at no cost to scholars and their families. For the 2019-2020 school year, 100 grade 9 scholars will be admitted by lottery. Applicants must...
1) be in good academic standing (no final grades of D or F)
2) have attended school regularly (no chronic absenteeism or tardiness)
3) be interested in studying computer science at NCC; degree offerings include Web Development, Mobile
Programming and Software Engineering
4) have ability in math (degrees require college intermediate algebra, college algebra, college pre-calculus and college calculus)
5) agree to participate in IBM-related events and site visits
6) must be entering 9th grade in September 2019 and be a Norwalk resident

NECA Application
Please complete all questions and submit the application on or before Friday, January 11, 2019 You may contact NECA at 203-838-4481 extension 13150 with questions. Thank you for your interest in the Norwalk Early College Academy.
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Parent/Guardian 1 Information
Include parent/guardian 1 contact information below.
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Parent/Guardian 2 Information
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Scholar Questionnaire
The questionnaire must be answered by the student and is necessary for the application to be considered complete. The questions are not used to screen for admission to NECA; admission to NECA is through a public lottery. The answers will be reviewed by NECA teachers and staff as a way to get to know the scholar. Please make sure to answer in complete sentences.
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What is your career goal and why? *
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How do you plan to use technology in your chosen field? *
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Scholar Agreement
As a NECA Scholar, you agree to:
* fully participate in the life of the school
*complete agree homework and all academic assignments
*attend school regularly and only take vacations during scheduled school breaks/holidays
*participate in the 3-week freshman academy held in the summer of 2019
*complete summer coursework as required for acceleration or remediation
Scholar Electronic Signature *
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Parent Agreement
As a parent of a NECA Scholar, you:
*approve this application and are eager for your child to attend NECA
*understand that punctual and regular attendance is required and will reinforce that requirement
*agree to ensure that your child completes homework and all academic assignments
*will encourage your child to participate fully in the life of the school
*agree to be an active participant in your child's education
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