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Find Your E.D.G.E. (Pre-Q)
Congratulations on taking a step towards more confident unleashed self-expression.

Find Your E.D.G.E. is designed for minority and marginalized voices who have a message to share and want to learn to express themselves even more authentically, skillfully, and powerfully in the world - through their voice.

This questionnaire includes 13 sections for you to consider to see if you would be an ideal fit for the Exclusive 1:1 Find Your E.D.G.E. This questionnaire is meant to empower you to think clearly, become intentional and allow yourself the privilege to look for the answers.

To make the most of this session, I invite you to find 20 minutes where you can have an appointment with yourself, uninterrupted. Find an environment that is relaxing, pleasing and allows you to be at your best, 100% focused on yourself. Give yourself the gift of time. Allow your answers to come from your whole engaged being.

I hope that you will make a choice to be open to all possibilities.
Name *
Email *
Instagram Handle *
What is YOUR definition of SUCCESS? *
Note: Check in with yourself. How much of it might be based on societal/familial/cultural notions?
What is ONE MESSAGE that you want the world to know? *
Note: this is something that is deeply meaningful to you and something that you never want yourself to forget as well.
What is one of your SUPERPOWERS? *
How SELF-EXPRESSED do you feel you are in your life? *
not at all
unleashed confidence
WHY did you choose the number above? *
What areas do you feel LEAST self-expressed in your life? *
WHY do you feel LEAST self-expressed in that area of your life? *
What have you TRIED ALREADY to get over these roadblocks? (books, podcasts, coaching programs, seminars, education, spiritual groups, etc) *
Are there OTHER PEOPLE that need to be involved in your decision to invest in a coach?
Clear selection
What is the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH you desire? *
WHY is it important for you to have this breakthrough NOW? *
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