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Request for Consult Slot
This is a form for "Economics at Tuitiongenius" students to request for a consultation slot with Mr Toh.
Here are the rules for consultation
1. Bring along your work for consultation (an essay or a case study)
2. Have specific questions to ask about your work - come to a consult session prepared
3. Consultation requests must be made at least 1 week in advance

You are welcomed to bring along your friends / come in a group for consultation.
1) Consult slots are half an hour for individuals, when you come in a group, you can be allocated up to 45 minutes
2) The waiting period for consultation is 1 to 2 weeks upon request

Mr Toh or Jing Yong will schedule something within the next 3 days and inform you via email/ Google Calendar invite of your time-slot for consult.

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