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SOMT Basketball Coach Certification Quiz
This quiz must be completed every 3 years by all coaches wishing to be re-certified in this sport.
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Are athletes allowed to wear jewelry/glasses during a game? *
Are coaches allowed to enter the floor during play at any time, at any level? *
What do the overtime periods consist of? *
What is the proper procedure for a substitute checking into the game? *
How long are the halves in a ball game? *
For unified competition, what is considered player dominance? *
How many unified teammates may be on the floor at most at any given time? *
What are the two levels of unified basketball at the State Basketball Tournament? *
Are there specific rules modifications for the player development model of unified basketball? *
Is there a video resource to help coaches evaluate their players when rating them for registration? *
Should referees be yelled at or chastised by coaches, players, fans, etc.? *
Which of the following statements are true in regards to filing a protest? *
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