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TEAM Survey: Poor People's Campaign Western MA
Please read the descriptions of the eight local committees we agreed upon at last meeting. Answer the following questions for you personally.
Central Leadership Team- Description
This team will be a small council in charge of executive functions of the group such as setting meeting agendas, checking in and assisting other teams as needed, and presiding over the meeting for time management. The first order of business is to analyze the data of this survey to put together teams that maximize our many talents. Skills in presentation, facilitation, meetings, and communication are great here.
Internal Membership Training Team- Description
This team will ensure common goals, by sharing and teaching socially/politically conscious language and communication. This team will teach small group norms and familiarize everyone with the issues so we can grow together and better understand one another. The team may be called upon for small group round-tables as needed. Focus on calling in rather than calling out.
Reconciliation and Healing Team- Description
This team will create group discussions to provide reconciliation, forgiveness, understanding, healing, and closure to build stronger relationships and trust within the group and the communities we serve. Topics include, Religion, Government, Power Structures, and additional topics as called by the group. May be used as a resource for interpersonal conflict mediation as needed.
Youth Empowerment Team- Description
This movement can gain valuable energy, ideas, momentum, and insight through the vision of the youth in our community. This team will focus on recruiting, training, empowering, and learning from our youth (Under 29). Experience with middle, high school, and undergrad student organizing, counseling, and/or teaching is great. Start with leading youth in separate meetings and bring them into the large group. They are the future, and every great movement in history has been impacted by youth involvement.
Communication and Messaging Team- Description
This teams mission is twofold. To analyze the national movement and create common language and mission for our local chapter and to share that language and mission with the community. Big ideas should be turned into slogans that are catchy, and meet people where they are in the cultural norms of that community. Duties will include sharing ideas and messages on social media, and communicating with local press. Skills in web page design, social networking, and branding/advertising is helpful here.
Outreach and Expansion Team- Description
The more people involved and welcomed into the movement, the better. There is strength in numbers as well as untapped human wisdom, potential, and volunteering energy all around us. The goal of this team is to identify barriers to participation and help overcome them- ideas include organizing food at meetings, planning for childcare, brainstorming transportation to and from meetings as well. The goal is to make this a unifying campaign that brings people together in a safe and comfortable way. Good people skills and knowledge of cultural norms is a plus.
Civil Disobedience Team- Description
This group requires specialized knowledge or experience in civil disobedience, the legal system, what to expect etc. This team can also coordinate bail, snacks, supporting those who participate in civil disobedience. Early task will involve training the volunteers about what to expect and answer questions. Network with local organizations who do training and have information on this issue. Bonus if you have participated in civil disobedience in the past.
Art, Music, Joy Team- Descrition
No movement is complete without soul behind it. We need love and hope to keep us going and strong. This team should be a diverse team of artists, musicians, digital artists, photographers, dancers, movie makers, performing artists etc. The goal is to express our movement in a way that connects to the hearts of our community and centers creativity in our mission. This group will keep the joy in our movement.
Please rank each of the teams from 1-9 of which YOU would like to be a part of and participate with. *
1st Choice
8th Choice
Reconciliation and Healing Team
Communication and Messaging Team
Civil Disobedience Team
Youth Empowerment Team
Central Leadership Team
Art, Music, Joy Team
Outreach and Expansion Team
Internal Membership Training Team
Please write a brief description of why you are interested in your top teams. What talents, knowledge, skill, or vision do you bring to the team(s)?
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Are there any suggestions you have for the team descriptions or duties that you have seen work or not work in other groups you have been a part of? Feedback is very helpful. (please specify which team you are commenting on)
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