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Request for Six Seconds ACE Units
Six Seconds Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) units are earned by certified practitioners through participation in a Six Seconds ACE accredited course, by completing an EQ project pre-approved for ACE units, or by participating in a webinar, a non-pre-approve EQ project, or other EQ event in the network and submitting a request for ACE units along with a required reflection on the educational value of the experience.
You can now request ACE units directly in your account
Go to Network/Certification Renewal and click on the “Request missing ACE units” button.
The pop-up box will allow you to enter:

Date: The date of the ACE course or EQ event
ACE Training: The name of the ACE course or EQ event
Units Earned: The number of ACE units being requested
Comment/Reflection: You can enter your reflection essay here, up to 1,000 character (approx. 250 words).

Press “Send Request” and an email will be generated to Six Seconds for approval of the requested ACE units. Once they are approved, the ACE units will post to your account.

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