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MMS Member Support Program Team Application
For teams or workout groups seeking support for special projects

The Minnesota Masters Member Support Program exists to provide assistance to members and their clubs and workout groups where a financial need exists. This assistance is made possible through the generosity of your fellow Masters swimmers. We ask that you provide the information requested in good faith, and that you do this with the intent to benefit all of the Minnesota Masters community as you are yourself the recipient of this assistance.
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1.  Name of Group or Team Requesting Assistance *
2.  Name of Person Representing the Team or Group *
3.  Contact E-mail *
4.  Contact Phone *
5.  Activity for which Reimbursement is Requested (be as detailed as possible). *
6.  Reason that financial support is needed. Tell us something about the circumstances that make it such that, without some support, your organization would not be able to engage in the activity you described above. Provide as much information as you reasonably can, as the individuals reviewing your request need to understand the circumstances behind your need for the Member Support Program's support. *
7.  How long do you anticipate this support will be needed? Will this be a one-time event of series of events, etc.? *
8.  Amount of the cost of the activity you feel you could provide: Keep in mind that the philosophy of the Member Support Program grant is to provide help, whenever possible, rather than completely underwrite the expenses requested in an application. Look at this as a shared relationship. For example, if the cost of pool rental for your project is $600, can you provide $200-300? If practical, providing some sense of the project’s budget would be helpful. *
9.  Describe the potential benefit to your club, workout group, or to Minnesota Masters Swimming in general. How will this project benefit the broader Minnesota Masters community? *
10.  If this applicant listed above is not a club officer or coach, please provide the name and contact information for an individual in your club or workout group who can support your request. This person should be someone who knows the circumstances, and can support your application, especially as it comes to helping the Committee understand the need for this financial support.   If the request is made by a coach or club officer, this information is not needed. *
11.  Name and contact information for the club officer (treasurer, coach, for example) to whom the check should be sent (reimbursement for meet entry fees will be made directly to the LMSC). The Member Support Program Committee distributes funds to the organizing authority to which you would normally pay your fees or dues. Disbursement of funds is not made directly to individuals, except in extraordinary circumstances. *
12.  Total amount of funds requested: *
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