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BCPS Perception Survey 2018-2019
Please respond to the questions as they apply to your school.
My School Is: *
I Am A: *
I have a clear understanding of my school's vision. *
My school's primary emphasis is improving student learning. *
My school communicates its goals effectively to me. *
All students at my school are challenged to meet high standards. *
School work at my school is meaningful and made relevant. *
Teachers at my school make adjustments to meet individual student's needs. *
Students at my school receive timely and additional help, as needed. *
Students at my school respect those who are different from them. *
Discipline problems at my school are handled fairly. *
Students at my school feel safe at school. *
The environment at my school supports learning. *
The staff at my school listens carefully when I express my concern and opinions. *
The teachers at my school are constantly trying to become better teachers. *
The staff at my school works well together. *
The teachers and other adults at my school show respect for one another. *
There is frequent, two-way communication between my school's staff and its families. *
I feel welcome at my school. *
There are many opportunity for parents to come and support my school. *
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