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This survey is aimed primarily at “Innovation Managers” and “Innovation Council/Innovation Board” members in Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union. Innovation managers and Innovation Councils members are involved in assisting OCT propel innovation for sustainable growth and for the overall prosperity of the inclusive society. Innovation Managers are mainly government officers acting as advisors to the Heads of the Government, while members of the Innovation Council may be from public authorities, non-government organisations (NGOs), non-profit organisations (NPOs) or directly even for-profit companies.

Key Innovation stakeholders include Chambers of Commerce and Innovation Institutes and sometimes international bodies dealing with issues of innovation challenge whereby members of the business community and wider population can submit innovative ideas or even receive an award for the innovation that they undertook during the course of a year. These are often considered important for the promotion of innovation and building the innovation eco-system,
Your answers will be used to fine-tune existing actions and measures and eventually to develop new effective measures for supporting you and your innovators. The instrument is a simple questionnaire that should take 25-35 minutes to answer. We encourage you to answer as honestly as you can: all of your answers will be treated as confidential.

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