WID Graduate Assistant (GA) Request Form


1) Course Qualification Guidelines:

To qualify, the courses must be WID approved (i.e. a "W" is attached to the course code) and enroll a minimum of 20 students, per the course-cap. Salary and hours per week start at $1,200 for the semester at approximately 5-7 hours/week and increase incrementally with enrollment to $3,800 for the semester--not to exceed 20 hours/week.

Individual courses may NOT receive support from both a WID GA and Peer-Writing Preceptor (PWP) simultaneously.

Courses can be seated or online, so long as they are WID-approved.

2) WID GA Eligibility:

- Currently pursuing a graduate degree from GWU, either part-time or full-time
- Does NOT hold other GA appointments in their home and/or other academic departments (addendum: GAs may hold multiple WID GA assignments)
- Does NOT hold a secondary waged position, on or off campus
- Is NOT funded through departmental packaged grants, scholarships, or stipends
- International Students with F1 Visa statuses are eligible to work as a WID GA
- Must be in good standing with their respective programs; Directors of Graduate Studies (DGS) or Program Directors may authorize the GA appointment

3) Request Deadlines:

Summer GA requests must be submitted by March 1.
Fall GA requests must be submitted by April 1st.
Spring GA requests must be submitted by October 15th

* Requests beyond the term deadlines will not be considered for WID GA support

* Please note that the professor will be responsible for supplying the GA with an office space if office hours are required

* WID matches GAs based on availability; not every request is guaranteed a pairing

* Professors are encouraged to reach out within their own departments for eligible GAs and submit them for consideration

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