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Advance Social Innovation has developed a pilot program called "Startup Inclusion Program" to provide resources and opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs developing startups in Bay Area CA. The goal of the program is to help underrepresented entrepreneurs showcase the potential of their startups to appropriate investors.Based on the results of our program, we will expand our program to other areas.

The pilot program is designed based on an innovative model and tools that has been designed by our founder, industry experts and mathematicians. The model is designed to help early-stage startups raise funds. We are currently building an online platform to kick start the pilot program in 2019.

The main objectives of the pilot program are to help entrepreneurs assess the valuation of their startup, assess main risks affecting their startup, and analyze their probability of success. The results will be comparable to how most investors assess growth potential of a startup prior to investment. Startups and investors pay reasonable sums of money to conduct these type of investment assessment. At the end of the program entrepreneurs will be able to meet and present their results to investors for fundraising purposes.

We are accepting applications from investors that would like to participate during the program by April 2019. Investors that are selected into the pilot will be invited to meet the startups.

Good Luck!
Inclusion Team

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