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St. Thomas' Parish Discernment
St. Thomas' parish has held a series of discernment discussions to provide an opportunity for our Parish's collective voice of our community to expressed. The themes and trends that from these conversations help us to articulate to our next priest who we are and who want to be as a congregation. If you were not able to attend one of our scheduled sessions or want to add any additional thoughts, please take some time to fill our this survey.

What moment(s) in St. Thomas' recent ministry do you recognize as one of success and fulfillment?
How would you describe St. Thomas' liturgical style and practice?
In what ways does St. Thomas' practice incorporating others in ministry?
As a worshiping community, how does St. Thomas' care for your spiritual, emotional, and physical well being?
How do you view St. Thomas' involvement in the wider Church or geographical community.
In your view, how does St. Thomas' engage in pastoral care for those beyond our worshipping community?
What ministry has the St. Thomas' worshiping community initiated in the past 5 years?
How is St. Thomas' preparing to be a Church of the future?
Describe St. Thomas' practice of Stewardship.
How does St. Thomas' Stewardship shape the life of our worshiping community?
Can you recall a moment of conflict at St. Thomas'? How was that conflict addressed?
What is your experience leading/addressing change at St. Thomas'?
What words would you use to describe the gifts and skills essential to the future leaders of St. Thomas'?
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