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This test is multiple choice and it has 50 questions. It takes 25 minutes.

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1) How _________________you today? I'm a little bit tired.
2) She _____________ speak English very well.
3) Help! There __________ a big spider in the bath.
4) Please __________ me your email address.
5) I really love __________ for long walks at the weekend.
6) Do you always eat lunch __________ work?
7) Look at that man at the bar, he's __________ a beer.
8) I don't have __________ brothers or sisters. I'm an only child.
9) Those red shoes on the floor are __________.
10) I'd really __________ to go to the beach later, it's so sunny!
11) What are you __________ do this weekend?
12) I'm happy today, it's much __________ than it was yesterday. Let's have a picnic!
13) How __________ water do you drink per day?
14) I __________ a great time at the restaurant last night with my friends.
15) I __________ that film about vampires yet, can we go this weekend?
16) How __________ do you go to the gym? I try to go three times a week.
17) I couldn't find my keys earlier, they were hidden __________ some magazines!
18) What __________ last Saturday? I went to my friend's house for dinner.
19) I usually get the bus to work, but it's sunny so today I'm going __________
20) If you read more books, your English __________ a lot.
21) We don't have __________ chairs, I'll have to go and find another one.
22) I love this book! It __________ by my favourite author.
23) My boss __________ to tidy my desk, but I haven't done it yet.
24) You __________ eat too many biscuits, you might put on weight!
25) In a few years, I'm going to __________ my own company.
26) If I had more money, I__________ for a new car.
27) My grilfriend said she __________ I had only had one drink with my friends.
28) It __________ be Helen in the picture, she's much shorter and has longer hair.
29) When I was littlel, I __________ go to the beach with my family every summer.
30) I'd much rather __________ a film than do the housework this afternoon.
31) The football pitch was really muddy after the rain so they __________ the match.
32) If I could go back to university, I think I'd study for a __________ in Maths.
33) My children never __________ me wake up later than 8am at weekends.
34) If I ___________ before my English exam, I wouldn't have failed it
35) We just managed to catch the bus, __________ leaving the house late.
36) In September next year, I __________ English for 10 years. That's long time!
37) I don't know what to do this weekend, it really depends __________ the weather.
38) Your new haircut looks great! Did you __________ at that new hairdressers?
39) You __________ brought so much wine to the party, I already have loads!
40) I'm really _________ Swedish detective films, my friends think I'm weird.
41) If only I __________ to my wife, I wouldn't have got lost on my way to the party.
42) Had I __________ this trip with my friends, I'd be coming to your dinner tomorrow.
43) It's not easy to __________ new ideas for fun things to do at the weekend.
44) I was at James' house all weekend, so it __________ me you saw on the bus.
45) If you're going to London this Easter, I'd highly recommend __________ Big Ben.
46) My laptop is so annoying; no only __________ but it also turns itself off!
47) If I weren't drowning in work this week, I __________ to go shopping with you.
48) If you want to get a promotion, you'd __________ start working hard.
49) Sarah's so stubborn, it always takes her ages to __________ an idea.
50) I feel a little bit under __________ today, I must be coming down with something.
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