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RANT 2016 Sponsorship
RANT 2016 will be rocking Lawrenceville for an entire weekend this year. August 12-14. All sponsorships are tax deductible given non-profit status.
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Payments can be remitted via:
Attn: RANT 2016 Sponsorship
4900 Hatfield St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Sponsorship Benefits
Kick Off - $100 - Website/social media mention

40th Street - $250 – Listed on bottom of poster and handbills

Main Street - $500 – Listed on top of poster and handbills in larger font

Butler Street- $1,000 - Main Street plus listed as a stage sponsor, printed on back of t-shirts, social media cross promotion, ability to place a small tent at the sponsored stage

Arsenal- $2,000 – Main Street plus listed as the Arsenal Park sponsor, social media cross promotion, ability to place a large tent in Arsenal Park

Stephen Foster- $5,000 – Listed as the event’s official sponsor on poster, handbills, t-shirt and all other promotional materials and websites, social media cross promotion, ability to place two tents in Arsenal Park.

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