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I'm Interested in Ethical Hacking!
High school students: submit this form to express interest in the Ethical Hacking for Teens session at The Escape conference in Chicago.

The annual Escape conference brings the future of data science and sports analytics to Chicago.

At this special session at the Escape, you can learn basic Ethical Hacking skills including how the “bad guys and gals” create viruses, use wrappers, crack passwords, and exploit vulnerabilities in network devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and information networks. This course will help participants understand how to protect themselves and others against malicious users on the Internet while exploring the world of information technology.

The full description of last year's session is here:

CS4All is working with Robert Morris University to bring high school students to this conference session set up specially for them.

Once you submit your interest, we'll keep in touch over the next few months about news about this session. There will be one or two sections of this session (depending on interest level) that will fit 24 students each. Your space in the session will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so be honest about whether or not you think you can make it.

I'm interested in Ethical Hacking for Teens at The Escape conference on May 6, 2017. *
Students at last year's workshop
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Robert Morris University is at 401 S State Street. Let us know how you can get there.
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We'll be in touch, so you will have plenty of chances to let us know your plans.
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