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Cat Adoption Application
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Have you ever been accused or convicted of a crime against animals (cruelty, abuse, neglect, etc.)? *
What is your monthly budget to care for a new pet? *
How did you hear about Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue? *
Who lives in your home (# people with ages/ # pets with age) *
Type of residence: *
Do you currently? *
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Name of pet you wish to Adopt. Please be sure to include the ANIMAL ID of the animal if they are urgent at-risk at NYC AC&C *
What is your reason for adopting a cat? *
Describe your experience w cat/kitten ownership. *
I agree that if I am adopting a cat, I may not have the cat declawed at any time, for any reason. *
Will your new cat be kept: *
Do you have a room or area where you could isolate a new cat while they decompress? *
Do you currently have any pets in your home? *
If yes, please provide the Breed, Age, and Gender of all animals currently in your care: *
Are your current pets current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered? *
References from various sources are essential to your application approval. The #1 delay in application processing is due to delays in getting responses from references. With that in mind, choose 3 individuals that can easily be contacted via email or phone. *
Veterinarian reference (if you currently have pets) *
Veterinarian Contact No. *
Employer Name and your position with company *
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How do you plan to prevent furniture scratching? *
Terms of Acceptance of following questions.. *
Personal References-Name , Phone and Relationship *
Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue is not liable for injury, damages, or medical conditions for which we are unaware of at the time of adoption. *
Staten Island Hope rescue makes every attempt to adopt healthy pets. However, if the adopted Question pet becomes ill within 14 days of adoption from what is deemed a shelter related illness the rescue will take responsibility for the medical needs of that pet. The diagnoses and treatment must come from a rescue-authorized veterinarian.  We are not responsible for unauthorized vet visits. *
If you cannot cover veterinarian care, or if animal is found to be in conditions where basic care is not able to be met, SIHAR is able to revoke adoption privilege and seize the adopted animal(s). *
Any condition or circumstances making it necessary for you to relinquish or transfer ownership must be authorized by our adoption representative or director; no animal may be dropped off at a shelter,  Animal care and control or other facility  without our direct knowledge by phone. *
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