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Coffee Talk Consulting - Freelancer Assessment
Answer each question as honestly as possible (one is lowest or least probable, five is highest or most probable). We're not all perfect and we need to be critical of ourselves in order to move forward. If you have any questions, please send us a message at
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I have worked for myself in the past.
I have worked for companies where I had a lot of decision-making authority.
I have had previous jobs where I work independently with others most of the time.
I have a lot of ideas about how to do things better or make things better.
I have another source of income that supports me fully.
I have health insurance through my spouse or parent.
I know what kind of business I’d like to be involved in.
I have the full support of my family (those I live with) to try an independent venture.
I understand (generally) how taxes work and how I will file for my business.
I have created a business plan already.
I have clients/customers already lined up.
I have time to dedicate at least two hours per day to working on my project/business idea.
I am a problem solver.
If I had enough money to pay my bills, I’d just relax during the day.
I am a social butterfly.
I have a hard time talking to people.
I have or can set up a personal office space solely dedicated to my work.
If I had a flat tire, I would attempt to fix it myself before calling someone.
I have quit something in the past when things got too hard.
I spend all my time thinking about what I can do to work from home.
I love talking about myself and my ideas.
I’m completely into technology.
I believe I’m an expert at something people want/need.
I’m very good at managing money and sticking to a budget.
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