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New Student Questionnaire
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COMMITMENTS:  Piano students sometimes underestimate the commitments involved in successful lessons, including making time for practicing (20 minutes/day minimum, but 30-60+ minutes/day leads to faster progress), and sticking with it over a sustained period of time – committing to at least one year of weekly lessons is suggested. (Most good players have studied 5-10+ years with one or more teachers, so a year really isn’t that long.) You may want to consider both the time and financial aspects of such a commitment. You won’t be asked to decide until after the first lesson, to ensure a good fit.

INSTRUMENT:  You'll need to have an instrument available for practicing from the first lesson. The best options are an acoustic (real) piano or 88-key weighted-action digital piano. If you’re not ready to purchase an instrument, most piano stores have rental options. If you don't yet have an instrument, please wait to fill out this questionnaire. Learn more about recommended instruments (follow links for additional information):

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What is your level of INTEREST in learning or improving these musical skills? *
Reading music
Playing by ear
Music Theory: understanding how music works, including chords, scales, rhythm, the structure of compositions, etc.
Arranging: writing or being able to spontaneously play your own personalized and unique version of someone else's music
Improvising: spontaneously creating music in a freeform style or established style such as blues or jazz
Composing/Songwriting: creating your own music and (usually) writing it down
Whether due to health concerns, distance from Portland Piano Lab's studio, or other reasons, what type of lessons would you prefer? *
Would you be willing to take VIRTUAL lessons only for an indefinite period, if that would allow you to begin lessons sooner due to teacher availability? *
Would you be willing to take LIVE lessons only for an indefinite period, if that would allow you to begin lessons sooner due to teacher availability? (Covid vaccination is required.) *
Thirty (30) minute weekly lessons are $55/lesson; forty-five (45) minute weekly lessons are $80/lesson. Forty-five (45) minute lessons are recommended for faster progress and/or if you wish to seriously study additional skills such as composition, arranging, music theory etc. What is your preference for lesson length? *
Which factor(s) influenced your interest in lessons at Portland Piano Lab? *

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