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CEHL engagement survey
This survey is in two parts, 14 reflective and 14 rapid fire questions. If you have any questions about the survey, please give us a call on 0407 706 611.

Thank-you for giving us your time. Your opinion matters!

On Co-ops
1. When you talk to others, what do you say are the benefits of being in a housing co-operative?
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2. Is being a member co-op of CEHL important to your co-op?
Why is it important or not important?
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On the Program …
3. Are there any areas where you are not sure if it is CEHL or your co-op’s responsibility?
If yes, what are they?
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4. Is your co-op happy with its involvement in setting Program direction?
If somewhat or no, how could you be more involved?
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5. Please list the ways your co-op would ideally be involved in setting Program direction
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On tenancy and maintenance …
6. Does your co-op manage tenancies and maintenance itself?
If yes, is it a manageable workload?
7. Does your co-op have enough choice about how these functions are delivered?
8. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your partnership with CEHL to manage tenancy and maintenance?
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On co-op resourcing …
9. CEHL provides resources, facilitation, and training and development to enable co-ops. Are there other resources or member benefits CEHL could provide to make your co-op stronger?
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10. Are there any other things you would like CEHL to help you achieve?
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On advocacy
11. Advocacy is where an organisation tries to influence others, for example government, to get better outcomes for its area of work (in this case co-operatives or the housing system in general). Should CEHL have a broader advocacy role?
If yes, are there issues that are important to your co-op that you would like to see CEHL take up?
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12. Overall, do you have ideas about how CEHL could better engage with your co-op?
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13. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the partnership?
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14. Our long-term vision for our CEHL is...
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