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Seminar Tutorial Feedback
This form is for students who have been placed in a targeted intervention/tutorial seminars in order to get help with a specific subject or class. If there are PASS (Peer Academic Support Services) tutors placed in the room to help other students, the seminar is considered a tutorial (or targeted intervention.)

Your honest and helpful feedback makes it possible for us to improve our programs. Thanks for your time!
Teacher who supervises me during seminar *
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The specific class/subject that tutors help me with here is: *
Be specific: instead of "math" write "Math 1" or "Math 2/3 Compaction." Instead of "Spanish" write "Spanish 3" etc. If there is more than one class, say so.
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The grade I had in that class when I moved into this seminar was: *
My current grade in that class is: *
Do you believe that participation in this seminar has helped you to improve your grade or keep it from dropping? *
Why/why not? (Optional)
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How long have you been in this tutorial/seminar? *
How often do you work with a student tutor in this seminar room?
How would you rate your experiences working with student tutors in this classroom?
Optional comment about your experience with your tutors.
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How would you describe the atmosphere in the room?
Most useful/positive aspects of it have been...
Do you believe you have done your part in making this the best experience it can be?
Please add any suggestions you have to make this tutorial experience more useful or positive.
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Do you want to stay here 2nd semester?
Why/why not?
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My name (Last, First)
*Optional. If you said you want to change seminars, plan to go the counseling office and get a blue seminar change form to turn in the week after finals.
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