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St. Mary's Sanctuary Upgrade Remodel Fund
St. Mary's community raised over 400 thousand dollars to renew, improve, and make accessible our worship space. We are so close to filling our financial gap. After you consider your annual stewardship pledge, we hope you consider giving to our sanctuary remodel fund.
I/We can make a one time commitment of:
If you have not had an opportunity to make a financial contribution to the Sanctuary Upgrade Fund, and would like to do that at this time, please indicate here what your financial contribution is.
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I/We can add a year to our original 3 year pledge:
If you have already made an annual pledge for three years, and would like to continue your pledge for an additional year, please indicate that here.
I/We can increase our original commitment by:
If you have already made a one time financial commitment, and would like to increase that amount, please indicate that here.
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I/we would like to talk with LeeAnne about our estate plans:
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Thank you to everyone for sharing of your time and treasure with this faith community. If you have questions, you may contact Sarah Youngerman at
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